Composite Toe Vs Steel Toe Work Boots

There are mainly 3 types of safety toe caps that are being used in work boots: steel, aluminium and composite. All safety toe caps have same ASTM/ANSI/ISO safety standard and testing. Meaning steel toe boot will provide the same impact resistance as the composite toe boot. Even though safety standards are same nevertheless there are some major differences between the… read more

10 Things My Toddler Hates

  A while ago, I found this thing on the internet about all the things a toddler hates. It’s full of super cute stuff and it’s delightful.   But I had a hard time relating because the things my three-year-old hates has nothing to do with cute. In fact, his list is dead serious and sometimes quite ugly. And it’s… read more

How To Kiss A Girl

    Stand facing her face.   Do not tell her your intentions.   Do not ask permission to kiss her.   Look dreamily into her mouthparts.       Keep your left forepaw on the hilt of your scabbard.   This is a dangerous by-way, one never knows.   You may hold her right scallop peg in your right… read more