15 Problems of Being an Introvert and an Extrovert

Yes, I like to talk a lot. Also, I don’t. And sometimes I like being alone or at a huge party.

1. You are shit.

2. You are a fucking idiot piece of crap.

3. You need a list to express how you feel.

4. You link lists to your friends so they better understand your true essence and you learn to understand yourself in the process thanks to animated gifs.

5. Your lil’ nuts hurt!

6. You are told how to feel by lists.

7. When you lift up your arms your little nuts become visible because you are only wearing a t-shirt.

8. Animated gifs guide you through life.

9. You primarily enjoy content that you have not made and has not been made with you personally in mind that you can look back on, link to people, and think that everything that has been written has been written about you and for you, subconsciously, with the intention of the author to write the lowest common denominator shit possible that will make people feel special.

10. You have seen the tv shows or movies in which the animated gifs are drawn from and feel comfortable in their presence.

11. Your little nuts are hanging out and everyone is teasing you and you have to use the little bathroom and everyone is laughing as you dance around and cannot find a bathroom and someone is jingling bells and saying that the sound is coming from your little nuts (the ones that hurt).

12. You justify your shitty behavior based on the definition of your personality from a website list. In this way you take less accountability for your actions.

13. Your little baby nuts are red and they hurt, a lot!

14. You want to cry but you are afraid everyone will tease you more and ring more bells and say that they are your little baby nuts. Also, you are a piece of shit.

15. You don’t read lists unless they have animated gifs associated with them.