22 Epicest Fails of All Time

Put the kids to bed and tell grandma it’s time for a nap, these are the 22 Epicest Fails of All Time!!

1) Janet Jackson’s “Wardrobe Malfunction”
Yeah right! That thing was intentional! She wanted us to see her boob. Epic fail! Epic boob fail!

2) OJ Simpson Verdict
A big WTF on this one, if you ask me. Who in the heck would think this guy didn’t savagely murder some people? Come on, Judge Ito, what the heck? I think the Supreme Court should look at this one.

3) Kathie Lee Gifford Sweatshop Scandal
Her clothes were made by kids. That’s a big fail if you ask us.

4) No bacon at store this morning
Holy Shnikies!! Who are these clowns not having epic bacon for sale? Don’t they know we need our bacon, the epicest of meats? Fail here, for sure.

5) The Civil War
Hey South guys, just because you want to have slavery and state’s rights doesn’t give you the right to leave the union. Robert E. Fail. Ulysses S. Owned. Nuff said. RIP Honest Abe.

6) Kim Jong-Un Getting Uppity
Hey kiddo, you probably think you’re tough but your missiles aren’t good for squat. Take a hike! Fail!

7) Grumpy Cat Not Being At MTV Awards
Snub the epic grumpy cat and you snub all of us, MTV. And maybe try playing some actual music videos once in a while. Fail! FAIL!

8) SimCity Messed Up
Nobody can play it? Now that’s a big fail.

9) World War 2
WTF, Hitler? What’s the deal, Hirohito? And the holocaust? Don’t get me started. Nazis For The Lose.

10) When Mr. Rogers Died
I cried that day. I’m not too big of a man to admit that. What a fail for all of us who grew up with the Fredster. Rest in epic peace.

11) When they stopped putting real toys in Cracker Jacks
Now it’s all paper and stickers and WTF is this crud? Just because some loser kids ate the pieces, we all have to suffer? Epic fail.

12) That time they stopped making Family Guy episodes
WTF was that? Probably a bunch of PC bureaucratic crud. You’ll always have loyal viewers here at FeedBuzz, Seth.

13) The Black Death
Did they ever figure out what happened with this one? Totally bummed me out for a whole afternoon when I read about it. Epic lose.

14) When Nitro from American Gladiators died
I don’t remember if I dreamed this or it was real, but either way it’s a bigtime fail if/when it happens. Love you Nit’!

15) Hanson
These kids looked like girls in their music video. Bunch of crap. Give me a real band like AC/DC anyday. Fail here too.

16) Whoppers used to be 99 cents for a long time, then they went up to like $3
This might have been the stupidest thing of my senior year. WTF! Epic fail!

17) “The Nun Bun” the cinnamon bun that looked like Mother Teresa
This was a megafail. Everyone made a big fuss over it on the web and elsewhere but it was just a standard cinnamon bun. Anyone who looked at it for more than 3 seconds could tell you that. Fail.

18) New Transformers Movies
Call me a purist, but nobody beats the old school Optimus Prime when it comes to kicking robo-butt! Too much CGI and not enough nostalgic references makes 80’s man a dull boy.

19) Drone strikes
Now this is what I call a bigtime fail. I didn’t vote for this, but I kind of want a drone so I can spy on my fail neighbors. Ha Ha!

20) Tofurky
WTF, this tastes nothing like the t-bird, or turkey as I like to call it. No wonder nobody likes Tofurky, it stinks!

21) Darfur
There’s not enough energy in my hands to write “fail” enough times for this one. Come on guys, let’s get it together. Sigh. Fail.

22) Ecto Cooler Off The Market
ECTO COOLER!! The best drink of the 90’s… wiped off the face of the earth by corporate fatcats in search of a better bottom line. A small part of me died that day. Epic fail.

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  1. aydoh says:

    this was hilarious. was this website created just to make fun of buzzfeed? i love you guys for it

  2. tyler says:

    jon this is a epic list. surprised that you stopped at 22 because there are more fails in the world than just 22. the monroe doctrine was a fail. so is iran nuclear containment. both fails. back to the future 2 could be a fail but we won’t know until october 2015. so maybe hold off on a new epic list until then?

  3. fuck says:

    how can you forget kony still being on the loose? the epicest of fails

  4. tyler says:

    kony 2013. luv fuzzbeed. i get all my news from this website. i also luv lists. and gifs. more gif.s

  5. truth says:

    no bush doing 9/11???? epic fail for you bro!

  6. JulieDHall says:

    If the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction was intentional, then it was an Epic Fail Fail – otherwise, lovely piece, Fart.

  7. not epic enough, in my opinion.