4 Best German Nazi Inventions

Although well-known for their crazy pranks during the World War Two, the German Nazi were also good at making new inventions. Thanks to worldwide distribution of Inventor’s Kits, we are able to enjoy a few German Nazi creations today. Let’s check them out!

1. Fanta

In the early 1940s, noted anti-facists and superstar hip-hop duo, Insane Clown Posse, signed a trade embargo to prevent the importation of truth-serum and sugary drink, Faygo, into German Nazi Territories. This led those wacky “SauerKrauts” to invent “Fanta”, which eventually surpassed its American counterpart in popularity, leading many to call Faygo “Fanta for white trash”.

2. Methadone

While most American military commanders were nodding off on some primo smack, the German Nazi army didn’t have a good hookup for opiates, leading them to create methadone, more commonly known as “Heroin for Pussies”. Despite the technical achievement in synthesizing methadone, most Nazis were pissed that the Chancellor bungled relations with the world’s best drug dealers.

3. Volksempfänger Radio

Today, radios are most commonly used to check the lottery numbers, local horse race outcomes, and baseball scores before your bookie calls. In German Nazi times, people listened to an avant-garde screamo sub-genre called “propaganda” through Volksempfänger Radios, a German innovation allowing this new art form to enter every household in the Fatherland.

4. Death Camps

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Instead of going camping, everyone dies. This failed to harness the explosive popularity of other German Nazi inventions, but we can still find examples today.


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