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4 Obsolete Websites And What’s Wrong About Them

apple-touch-icon1. MetaFilter
Mean Nickname: MetaFailter
What’s Wrong About Them: Metafilter’s biggest problem is that it seems like a weblog that anyone can contribute a link or a comment to. Mistake number one. Real weblogs are just one person posting stuff. MetaFilter messes this up by extending the weblog beyond just one person. MetaFilter could improve 100% by closing off all the discussion and the “everyone can contribute” attitude and having one main editor. Something similar to the Drudge Report but with interesting thought-provoking links that people can discuss elsewhere (not on the MetaFilter site itself). They’ll never do this though because they’re idiots and that’s why they are obsolete. Just my two gil.

2. The Daily Dot
the-daily-dot-55181c1850Mean Nickname: The Faily Dot
What’s Wrong About Them: The Daily Dot screws up in one major way: it comes off like a local newspaper for your internet. All they report on is Internet communities and cultures. This is a terrible idea. Here’s a news report for The Daily Dot: newspapers are history, man. Do you really want to be a newspaper? That’s why you’re obsolete. The Daily Dot should spend less time publishing what people in online communities want to know about net culture and more time saving their own butts. Step one: ditch the website format. You’ve got long articles and they should be printed like in a magazine. Step two: Who wants to read a magazine about the Internet? Stop the community journalism schtick and start putting stuff about celebs in there. Too bad you will never make these changes. Sayonara, Daily Dot.

3. Patch
18_1346220909551Mean Nickname: Biatch
What’s Wrong About Them: Patch is run by a team of misguided individuals who have turned their website into a place to find out what’s going on nearby. No matter where you live, there’s a custom Patch page for your area. What a waste of megabytes!! Everything on this website is community-specific. You’re limiting your audience on every article and posting. Why not write articles that are relevant to everyone? This is a no-brainer. Partner up with better advertisers, too. Amazon and other online retailers have much better affiliate programs than the local businesses Patch chooses to shack up with. They also donate advertising space to charitable organizations for free. Way to flush ad revenue down the toilet. For this reason, Patch will be extinct soon and replaced by something a little more Web 4.0.

4. Reddit
Mean Nickname: Pedophilia Apologist Hellhole
Spencers4colorLogo_URLWhat’s Wrong About Them: To the average reader (or “redditor”) Reddit seems like it has its act together. Sorry, no, not quite. Reddit has 4 major flaws and I will list them here. A list within a list. Sweet.

  • Reddit’s admins can’t control what content is featured. All readers have access to voting buttons which oddly enough affects the submission ranking for EVERY visitor to the site. Replace these with ‘share’ buttons, geniuses. This way your content can go viral instead of being ghettoized and isolated from the rest of the web.
  • Comments can be posted on every story. Everyone who has been online for more than a week knows that the comments are the worst part of every news article. Leave comments out unless absolutely necessary. Heck, replace the comments section with ‘share’ buttons.
  • The Reddit admins neglected to hide the source code. Anyone can come in and tinker with the source of this site or even start their own. Close this off, now. This is the biggest reason Reddit is becoming obsolete.
  • Anyone can create a community. The admins overlooked this one, too. There should be a screening process for creating communities. Otherwise you’ll have a bunch of creeps and pedophiles holing up in the bowels of your website and pulling an Arjen Rudd on anyone who tries to exterminate them. That’s a worst case scenario, of course. They may be working for an obsolete website but I’m sure the admins wouldn’t let predators run rampant in the community they’re so proud of.


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