5 Adorable Photos That Will Make You REALLY Want a Pet Bushbaby

1. Would you look at this cutie fat sack of nocturnal hugbunny? I would love to have this little dude squeezing my arm all the day long.

2. They drink tea just like you and me! Well, not JUST like us– these tiny babies have to lick it gingerly from a little spoon! Their incredibly delicate dietary requirements are probably not being well served by this dose of indigestible dairy and caffeine, but look how cute that is– I can’t stay mad!

3. This tiny boopsie has probably just been captured by poachers to be detoothed and sold at death-peddling foreign pet markets, but just look at those big sweetie-pie eyes! They’re just like little angels when the powerful photo flash damages their sensitive nocturnal peepers.

4. He’s eating a poptart! Oh em gee. This dangerously obese specimen is striking a super-cute submissive terror posture while eating a practically poisonous treat given to him by a clueless asshole. He thinks he’s people! Ha ha! But don’t worry– his delicate poison glands have probably been yanked out, causing permanently-infected mouth wounds that will kill him way before that yummy pie does.

Dawwww! Wouldn’t you just love to crush the life out of this adorable sweet baby? Nature is mankind’s plaything.

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  1. Dink Magic says:

    I like the one in the cage ! I want one but I dont want it to touch or get near me

  2. Douglas F says:

    I ate a poptart today too, that’s so me. My friends are 2 (likes coffee) and 5 (she has eyes)

  3. faronicus says:

    I seem to detect a strain of anti-poaching in this “article”. Well, dear sir, poison glands don’t yank themselves out, and if you want for a cure for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to magically appear then be my guest

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