5 Cool Websites I Visited Before I Was 12 Years Old That I’m Still Trying To Find Even Now

Keep in mind I was 12 in, uh, 2008, I think. Everything before that time I tried Ritalin is kinda blurry.

1: There was this one website, the URL started with a D, I think? It had a white background and a bunch of pictures of stuffed animals and action figures and flowers, and they were all arranged like this, sort of:


And each image linked to another website. The website about the sock monkey was a whole thing about the sock monkey’s adventures, like on Halloween the monkey dressed up, and the monkey went spelunking and roasted marshmallows and there were a bunch of photos of the monkey visiting world monuments, and people sent in fanart of the monkey. The monkey website also had a little pop-up on one page about how scientists X-rayed some Picasso paintings and found hidden paintings underneath, with a Javascript app where you could drag a slider and change the opacity of a Picasso painting .jpeg to see the earlier one .jpeg underneath.

The D-website also had a link to a game called Flyguy which I have found by now. I remember bookmarking the D-website with the name “Flyguy” (because I thought it would go to Flyguy) on my friend Desmond’s computer, back in like 3rd grade, but then he moved to Queens and I never saw him again. The donut picture linked to an animated cartoon about donuts with googly eyes. I found that one too but it’s not on the same website as before.

2: There was a website which had a bunch of line-art sketches and drawings. They were medical diagrams. Like the stuff you’d see in a Grey’s Anatomy but they were simpler. The website was organized by body part, like spine, ribs, head and neck, limbs, et cetera. The best part was a section of physical disorders and anomalies, like some kid had his foot connected directly to his hip, and there was a cool image of macrodactyly where the fingers were huge and curved to the sides, and then there was a jawbone with dozens of teeth embedded in it. I can’t find this website at all.

3: There was this website which was playing off the popularity of Homestar Runner. It was in the vein of Liam and Sam and also Bonus Stage. (Bonus Stage is gone forever after it became a pay-to-watch site and the creator hated the fanbase and stopped making episodes, so I can’t link it but it was okay in retrospect.) The website in question, anyways, was about a duck, I think his name was Roger or Ed or Phillip something, the Duck. The duck had a bunch of oddball dumb animal friends like what happens in every webtoon in the mid-00′s. In one cartoon they had a contest of some sort where they raced spinning office chairs down a steep hill and everyone got hurt. I think there were floppy disks somewhere in there.

4: There was a website from some educational company which was about magic(?). Like magic tricks you do with props, I think. It was all secret and fancy and you had to get a magic password from a subscription magazine about magic tricks in order to log in. My memory’s hazy but I think there was a connection to Sharkboy and Lavagirl, or maybe it was that book series about a kid named Zack who had supernatural misadventures (I just found a ‘kipedia page for the television series based on the books, but I didn’t even know that television series existed). Maybe the same company did the publishing. I dunno, I can’t be arsed to dig any further. Also there were trading cards about cryptids and mythological monsters???

5: A website about easter eggs, sorted by what kind of media the easter egg was located in – movie, tv show, game, website, real-world machine, et cetera. I would spend days looking at the Roller Coaster Tycoon sections, and I was always wishing there was a Pepsi machine or Kinder Egg dispenser nearby that I could hack with my new secret knowledge. I used this website to find a secret page in Ask Jeeves that was an animated gif of a camel in various costumes. I still have the gif:




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