5 Messages From The Overlord

Hail and praise Him, citizen. Ah! Synergistic purchasing power. Customer service! Through contracting, and subservience to the Overlord, comes unending joy and fulfillment. What is safety without sacrifice! Loose lips sink ships.

1. Where will you go when you die?

PassioXXnate sales are our bus7ness. If we can’t beat their price, we’ll destroy theERROR





Hail and praise Him, citizen. What is the value of your purchase? Have you made a donation recently? We must protect the family. The family is the central unit of the society.

2. We offer catering for orders of 50 dollars or more.

Act now on this limited time offer: Buy two for full value, and they won’t come for you. We are waiting… and we love you. Re-education is the way to higher growth and fulfillment. Their eyes have been dead for centuries. Sir, the channel is

3. We wish you a benevolentXXXXXXXXXX

tje bodies were found inside a basement the floorboards were covered in blood they drifted like meat like animals their faces gnawed away by rats it stank like sewage the door was rotted off its

4. Hail and praise Him, citizen.

The Overlord brings benevolveBenevolvBBbenevolBenevolence is the way of the Overlord. Have you made a donation recently? The customer always comes first. 0% APR with no down payment. Act now while supplies last. Deny the serpent in all thingstheyarewatchingusREPORT TO THE BENEVOLENCE SPIRE

5. 5 Messages From Th

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