5 Reasons You Should Get rid of Facebook.

This post comes a few days into the recent NSA leak, which fortunately enough wasn’t the main motivation behind writing this article.



Reason 1:

It’s like… your personal information man. Are you sure that you want anybody to have access to your phone logs? When searching for d0x someones facebook is a goldmine. Verified name, relatives, company, location etc. And you know Facebook isn’t ignoring this. Their tailoring Facebook ads based on various psychographic and geographical aspects of its users.

Reason 2:

Do you still check MySpace as frequently as I do? If so then you’re an aspie and should probably get a head of the curb and just go ahead and delete your informatoin. Sites Love collecting the facebook cookies that you leave when your logged into your account and find yourself on Huffington Post reading the highest quality news including and not limited to side-boobs and updates on celebruity tattoos.

Reason 3:

Fuck Facebook. Old people are on it. If you ever see someone update their facebook status and end it with a hashtag, you should send them one of the wonderful vulnerabilities that continue to occur in Facebook including swf injects, url redirects, and session hijacking.

Reason 4:

Chances are your grandparents have a Facebook. Where baby boomers tread destruction and social popularity is sure to crumble. Furthermore, they made a movie out of it starring that actor who can play a variety of roles ranging from virgin nerd to socially awkward teen all the way to angst ridden boyfriend. #niggaplease

Reason 5:

Nobody is signing up for facebook any more. NoBody. The overnight internet sensations aren’t on facebook. Their stepping up to Tweet n Instagram.