“5 Signs you were born on a year, any year, it doesn’t matter, just click; we are a race of creatures who feed on clicks, we are all plugged into the internet forever by a tiny cord”

1. You exist

Right? You totally do. There is no way this is a dream manufactured by a ever-glowing, stronger-growing God who initially cared about us but who is now bored…so bored. Yea, you definitely exist

2. Things happened

In the years since your birth you have experienced events, moments in time that only someone who exists could experience. You have shared those experiences with others who also exist. No doubt you have read an article, not different from this one, assuring you that everyone, all of us, has experienced these events. Of course they have. They’ve all been here right beside you. When you were born, when you learned that God was bored. They were right beside you when your grandfather got sick. They all cried when he told your father he always loved him, even though he never said it. They all wondered why your father didn’t cry; they were crying. But, then again, they are always crying.

3. You are always crying

Like the others around you, nostalgic for something you have never known, a salty liquid flows constantly from the holes that humans call eyes. But you aren’t sad. That is a salty liquid of joy. Joy is that thing you felt before, in those past years, when you experienced something…when God cared.

4. The hole that humans call mouth is always moving

But are those words coming out? No. It isn’t breath either. It is wind. Fierce gusts surging from your soul. The soul is the hole that humans are trying to fill. Your soul is currently full of beautiful crystal-fronted devices. You can touch their slick screens, you can access all of those shared experiences, you can steal images of those holes that humans call eyes and mouth. The screens will never dim. They always glow brighter, more intense… just like something you know…something so familiar.

5. That crystal-fronted device, that fills the hole that humans call soul, that glows like something you’re nostalgic for, something you have never experienced, needs to be charged.

Like all things made from the dusts of the endless void of aether, that crystal-fronted device has a battery. The device that we click, that interestingly also feeds on clicks, definitely exists. It was born on a year. Any year, it doesn’t matter. And as those years tick by so escapes those dusts of the aether. The battery is going fast. The more you click the lower it goes. But it needs clicks to exist? But you need clicks to exist… You just realized there is no cord… you just realized there is no device…