6 Words We’d Like to Get Search Traffic From

1. Boston Marathon
When tragedy strikes, we find ourselves confronted with the task, both banal and transcendent, of striking a balance between silence and speech; the former to do justice to the incommensurability of language to pain, and the latter to sustain the community that maintains us, for a moment, outside that abyss. We also need to SEO our sites so we can continue to get traffic as cheaply as possible.

2. Roger Ebert
The quintessential American film critic Roger Ebert recently passed away after a long struggle with cancer. His contributions to cinematic discourse are immeasurable, providing America with an unpretentious rhetoric of artistic merit. He was from Boston or visited there at least one time.

3. Justin Bieber/Anne Frank
Justin Bieber is in the news for saying he hoped Anne Frank would have been a Belieber (#Belieber if you are sharing this on Twitter). Justin remains one of the hottest pop stars despite this snafu. Critics expect he will visit Boston when he’s back from Europe.

4. Sandy Hook Principal
A basic capacity for empathy and reason will tell us it is appalling to suggest Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing are somehow connected. But there is a sense to this response, and if we cannot rationally comprehend our loss, we can at least make a study of our reactions. The ruse of reason is to present itself as a universal solvent, creating the comforting appearance of causality–in this case, conspiracy–as a ward against the abyss. The “truth” is probably only the blunt fact that we have never yet learned how to stop killing each other, and this is more painful than the most damning narrative of government coverup.

5. Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck directed and starred in the Oscar-winning film Argo. I don’t think it was really the best picture of 2012, but what do I know. He also directed The Town, a movie about Boston. Ben Affleck is one of Boston’s best known movie stars. That’s probably why you were searching for him.

6. **Late breaking** CNN

The did a bad job talking about Boston. Jeez.

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