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7 Great “Fast and Furious 7″ Quotes to Make You get Epic Feels (spoilers)

Hi im always been the best fan of fast and furious films. these films are great and include such stars as vin diseal, Rock Man, and Paul Walker before he got killed by illuminati aliens RIP PAUL WALKER

but we have to move on ebcause the legacy of paul walker, FAST AND FURIOUS will have a new sequel. will it be as good as fast and furious 1, or 2, or maybe 5 or 6? im not sure but i hope that in this one theres as many exciting fun with cars and sexy babes and interesting complex plots.

not much is known about the new fast and furious but ive got some secrets for you, yes its some quotes! theyre a big vague but maybe it will shed light on the plot of the film! will The Rock Dwayne Johnstan come back as the FBI agent turned raceman? Will we finally get some resolution on the Crystal Niggerdeath plotline which has been building since Tokyo Drift? save that SPECULATION for the FORUMS okay here we go

7. “remember to channel the ghost spirit in to the car, make the car an extension of your bones”Chip Ridefast

6. “damnit how are we gonna lose all the cops?” “mate I dont know but youd better figure something out fast!” “okay!” *pushes turbo boost* “phew we got away” – exchange between John Strapco and Denny “The Lizard Liutenant” Vaudeville

5. “Mama mia thatsa big pizza pie!”Joey Race-alot

4. “hit that nasty NOS kid”Speedy Hitler

3. “Man we busted the car crime drug ring cheif but we still dont have the low-down on Mystery Minx” “Ahh Mystery Minx, the most evil gangman of all of Techno City”Detective Smith and his chief, Dracula

2. “When a tide comin in, thats when the fish are easiest to catch, and you cant catch fish if you aint got a rod, shorty” *drives off in his nissan maxima w/ koi fish painted on the side*Lupin Charmange (as played by notorious rapper Lil’ Bastard Mane)

1. “Dale”Pitbull

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