8 FeedBuzz Drafts I’d Like To See Published

1. Review: Star Trek – Into Darkness by important_celeb

Hey pal, I can’t hold off on movie night forever, here. I need that review and I need it online immediately. Movie critics and their reviews are so important to society. How else are people going to decide which movie they want to watch? Just guess?

2. FeedBuzz Exclusive: First Look At Next Gen Consoles by lumberjackalope
How did we even get this scoop? If we want the drop on respectable gaming news outlets and other gaming news outlets (IGN, 1UP, GameSpot, Kotaku) we need this published like.. yesterday! As a content editor this future article has me chomping at the bit.

3. Do Have A Cow, Man: X Alternative Meats To Avoid by vrunt

Haha. “Do Have a Cow, Man”. I remember my idea was a pro-US Beef industry political article but the headline was the only thing I came up with. The draft is sitting there, the only other text inside just reads “placeholder”. This’ll be a doozy if I ever finish it.

4. Signs You Might Be Butthurt by lukeoneil47

I could be butthurt right now for all I know and so could our readers. Out of all 37 pending drafts, this one seems like its the most important for people to read. I don’t have time to see a doctor to diagnose butthurtedness. Let’s finish this piece up pronto.

5. The Dreaded Comment Section: A List Of Things Real People Actually Said On The Internet by Lorenzo

This one looks like a real honest-to-goodness headline from some of those other list sites so I am really looking forward to seeing what this is. The mysterious Lorenzo is sure to deliver.

6. Top 9 Ways To Get Ready For Swimsuit Season by ThePeoplesVoice

Think of the search traffic we could be getting on this one! Swimsuit-wearers everywhere are already bikini-line deep in beach prep research. This article cannot get finished fast enough.

7. The Top 5 Things I Have Said To Horses by boring_as_heck

There’s gotta be some great things in here. You can sense it too, can’t you? You really wish that this was a clickable headline and it would take you right to the list of things he said. I’m with you, dude.

8. (no title) by donglord69

This is the oldest article in the Drafts folder. It’s been there since April 16th. It doesn’t even have a title. It could be anything! It could even be a boat! You know how much we’ve always wanted one of those! We’ll take the mystery box. — Peter Griggin.

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