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Attempted Suicide of Teen Rape Victim Gives Anonymous Such Feels

INTERNET, USA – Infamous cyber vigilante group Anonymous took to social media Tuesday to share its reaction to news that the teen rape victim at the center of their latest mission had attempted suicide.

“Wow. So anger. Such feels,” Anonymous posted, alongside a link to a blog article about the teen’s uncertain prognosis. The same phrase was also used to caption an image of a dog appearing to growl at a sleeping Eric Holder.

Such feels.

Sources close to Anonymous say there is talk among the group’s leadership of retaliatory action. A brief but potentially annoying takedown of the teen’s local police department website was one of the most popular options being considered.

The mood deteriorated upon hearing that the teen may have permanent brain damage if she survives. Anonymous was quick to issue a warning to the teen’s hospital, saying its website is next in the firing line if she does not make a speedy and complete recovery.

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