Best & Most Comfortable Steel Toe Boots Review

Work boots are heavy and tough. The feet seems to be on fire after an all day hard work in the steel toe work boots. At the same time, there is no escape if you are on the field work where safety standards are high. Steel toe work boots are part of the compliance introduced by Occupational Safety & Health Administration in 1994 and supplemented in 2008. It requires staff of certain industries to wear it along with other personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect your feet from various hazards.

Are there any comfortable steel toe boots in the market? To answer this question we have done thorough research and have come out with this post to help you select the best steel toes with our ratings on their comfort and durability. We have diverged from what other review sites normally do that is to select the most popular brands for the review. So we have included in our selection not “very popular” brands to give you an idea of what people say about them.

User comments are copied from Amazon and Reddit under the comfortability and durability section of each steel toe boot review. You can see what existing customers are saying about these two most important factors and make a better choice.

Here are our top picks for the best steel toes with scores on its comfort and durability.

 Product ImageName of BootDurability
(Score out of 10)
(Score out of 10)
Ariat Men's Workhog Steel Toe Work Boot99
Timberland PRO Men's 6" Rigmaster XT Steel-Toe Waterproof Work Boot107

KEEN Utility Men's Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boot610
Condor Men's Idaho 6" Steel Toe Wheat Nubuck Work Boot79
Caterpillar Men's Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot86

1. KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh Steel Toe – Best in Comfortability

Keen Pittsburgh Steel toe BootKEEN has been in the business of making boots longer than most people can remember. They’ve made a handful of very affordable high-quality boots which has won the hearts of many people and has made it a best-seller. One of their most popular boots is the Utility Men’s Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boot.

Starting with the aesthetics, Pittsburgh Steel toe looks great. As a matter of fact, it can be worn with jeans and a t-shirt and you’d still look cool.

The boot is waterproof and offers top-notch protection for its wearer. The outsoles of the Pittsburgh boot is made from oil and slip-resistant materials. Additionally, a rubber toe guard is added to make the shoe more firm. A waterproof breathable membrane ensures your feet won’t get wet while you have your shoes on.

However, there are a few things you may not like about the boots. This includes the locking lace hooks which can prevent you from tightening the shoe laces. More so, the shoes can get hot in the summer months.

Durability (Score 6 out of 10)

There are mixed reviews on the durability of KEENs. Buyers have complained that their boots start to wear out after like 6 months. These reviews are not abundant, only a handful, and we could guess it really depends on the nature of the work that determines their life. Generally they can last you up to an year.

“This is the second pair they seem to hold up ok,almost one year for me that’s good” – Amazon review

“They are comfortable and very wide at the toes which is good but they broke down super fast’ – Amazon Review

Comfortability (Score 10 out of 10)

KEEN has employed the hydrophilic 2-zone comfort technology which can keep your feet dry and comfortable for the whole day. There are many positive reviews on amazon and also comments on reddit about how comfy Pittsburgh are. Here are some of the reviews below:

“i have only had the boots about a week but so far i love them supper comfortable.. i am on my feet 16hrs a day and are doing well” – Amazon review

“Comfort-wise Keens are fairly comfortable. I would say that a majority of customers say a Keen is comfortable” – Reddit comment

Here’s the video review:


  • Waterproof and super comfortable.
  • Slip-resistant outsoles with contoured heel lock.
  • Dry-lex lining for the footwear and an EVA footbed


  • Not very durable could last only an year

Conclusion: The KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh Steel toe boots make working much easier and give you fewer things to worry about. You have to make a choice between durability and comfort. Would you like to buy a very comfortable shoe at this price range that can last about an year? Click below to check the latest price.

2. Ariat Men’s Workhog Steel Toe – Best in Durability and Comfortability

Ariat Workhog steel toe bootThe Ariat Steel Toe boots look like some cowboy boots and made from the best leather materials available. This makes it possible to polish the shoe whenever you want to take it out for work. It shines brightly and radiates an aura of leather luxury only few can afford.

The Workhogs extend up to the calf when worn, thus making it perfect for working in swampy areas. Plus the H2O collection is completely waterproof.

Workhogs are abrasion, oil, and slip-resistant. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be cautious of surfaces like that. The midsoles support the outsoles by providing unrivaled comfort and cushioning for your feet while the inner mesh lining keeps your feet in place.

The colors are limited and it’s only available in two colors; Bark/Black and Oiled/Mossy Oak.

Durability (Score 9 out of 10)

There are many positive reviews on amazon and comments on reddit about the long life of of Ariats. They can last you for good solid year and many have worn it for 3 years plus. Ariat uses Goodyear welt construction Duratread outsole which gives you the maximum resistance against wear and tear.

Ariat boots I have worn every single day for over 3 years. From warehouse use to farm work and everything in between. They don’t owe me a thing. from BuyItForLife

“Had a pair of these that lasted 14 months in all types of conditions. stayed waterproof for 13 and half months.” Amazon review

Comfortability (Score 9 out of 10)

There is an abundance of praise on the comfortability of Ariat. It will take sometime to break in, probably a week, but are super comfortable afterwards.

“Great, sturdy work boot. A bit heavy as to be expected. These will probably last a decade. Oil spill resistant but I still slip occasionally. Huge grips on soul. Very comfortable right out if the box.” Amazon review

“Nice and super confort,I love them,thanks amazon,for great boots.” Amazon review


  • Long Life and very comfy
  • Leather upper covering ensures it is slip resistant
  • High-quality outsoles with EVA midsoles
  • Offers protection against electrical hazards
  • Oil and slip-resistant soles


  • Limited color options

Conclusion: The Ariat Men’s Workhog Steel Toe Work Boot has all that you need. These are durable and comfortable but comes with a higher price options. Click below to check their latest price.

3. Condor Men’s Idaho 6″ Steel Toe – Best Comfortable Light Weight Boots

Condor Idaho Steel toe Boot

With Condor the first thing that comes to mind is tactical because this is a brand known for making tactical gear. They have thrown in there tactical gear knowledge and technology into a workboot coming out with a nice steel toe at a very cheap price.

Idaho boots are lightweight and extremely flexible. Condor employs the AM-TECH Sole Technology that is to directly bond the outsole with the upper using direct injection. The midsoles are made of polyurethane (PU) a lightweight, soft and cushioning material. Without using traditional glue method, midsoles are molded into upper using sophisticated machinery to make a seamless bond. This creates the whole shoe as one piece and using soft Nuback leather they have come out with a spungy and pliable boot.


Durability (Score 7 out of 10)

Going through all the reviews for Idaho and also for Dakota 8″ there are almost no complaints on the wearing down of these shoes. There is only one such review that talks about deterioration of the shoe after 7 months. But for $50 if you can churn them for 9 – 12 months, i can say that’s the best bang for the bucks.

“As you may see in the picture, the back part of the sole, has deteriorated, and I’ve only had these for 7 months working full time.” Amazon review

“They have held up great at my parks crew job and are very comfy to wear.” Amazon review

Comfortability (Score 9 out of 10)

Generally people people have found these boots comfy and easy to move around. But there are also a few comments on the quality of the insoles. Overall they could be the lightest steel toes and gives your foot a lot of flexibility. We have not given it a 10 because most probably you have to change the insoles to make them more comfortable.

“My husband bought these to work in lumber and standing long periods of time. He likes them very much, he just changed the insole to make them more comfortable.” Amazon review

“Would like to be a better insole included” Amazon review



  • Made from Nubuck high-quality leather material
  • Durable at the price point.
  • Overall Comfortable and easy to move around
  • Oil and slip abrasion resistant
  • Waterproof


  • Need to add/change insoles to make them comfortable

Conclusion: These are the cheapest in our selection and could be the best buy for the money. If you want something for short term we would definitely recommend these.

4. Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe – Best Anti-Slip Boot

CAT Second Shift Steel Toe BootAnyone familiar with the name caterpillar will know that they are the masters of construction work. Their Second Shifts are easily the most dependable mid price ranged boots picked up in the market today. They have a heavy duty slip resistant and oil resistant rubber sole that is glued to a welt.

The leather is a hard, thick chunk that is dependable. But it is not waterproof so at the end of the day it will be swampy and would call for drying.

The insoles are glued down and they have left a room underneath the steel toe. CAT expect you to buy the after-market insoles and make it a custom fit.


Durability (Score 8 out of 10 )

Second Shift is built like a tank and if this is going to be your every day boot with all the rough work, most probably it’s going to last you from 9 – 16 months. At this price point this would be a good buy.

“This is the longest boots have ever lasted me. Not to bad for 6 days a week, for 16 months.” Amazon review

“The ONLY reason he’s replacing them is the sole is coming off on one. But DAMN it’s been a year doing hard physical work for a year 5 days a week the entire time.” Amazon review

“The type of work I do tears a pair of boots apart quickly and these seem to last for about 8 months before needing a new pair which is good.” Amazon review

Comfortability (Score 6 out of 10)

Second Shifts are not waterproof. This is a big factor we gave it a 6 out of 10 because if this is going to be your everyday boot you need to dry them off at the end the day everyday. These boots need a day or two to breath and relax so consider buying another same pair if you need them everyday. These are great boots with quality leather and material but their is a skepticism on their overall comfort level.

“I’m a landscaper and comfort is a huge selling point over durability for me. I’m usually on my feet 12-13 hours a day walking through wet grass and dirt and no boots ever seem to last so I’m always focused on the comfort level and these were a 2/5 for me” Amazon review

“These shoes provide a excellent steel toe coverage, breathable around the ankle, good grip overall. Only down fall is they could use better cushioning for foot comfortability” Amazon review

“The only thing I would change is a better arch support or gelling pad inside the shoe itself. This can be remedied with a gel pad insert. They work as expected almost perfect but not quite.” Amazon review


  • Durable
  • Good Quality Leather
  • Great Oil and slip resistant soles


  • Comfort level is bit on low side

Conclusion: The Caterpillar Men’s Steel Toe Work Boots brings the sturdiness Caterpillar is known for to the work table. These are durable boots with an average comfort level.

6. Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss 6″ Steel Toe Boot – Best in Durability

Timberland Pitboss 6" steel toe work bootTimberland Pro Pitboss the love of the life for some. If you are new to the industry you must be wondering what’s the big deal with this heavy guy. Well here is the answer; the heavy leather and heavy Timberland rubber sole makes it to last you a lifetime. People just love its durability.

The Timberland PRO is made from quality leather and a synthetic sole which grips the ground firmly. The soles on Pitboss are Timberland’s own rubber sole that are Slip-abrasion and oil resistant. These are made of hard deep abrasion material that can last for long.

Pitboss are not waterproof but it has a thick leather. If you oil the leather regularly it can show some good resistance to water.

Midsoles are Polyurethane material on top of the hard rubber sole that can absorb some shocks which adds some sort of comfortability to it.

The interior of the shoe is lined with mesh and this makes the sides of the shoe to remain ever comfortable. The Timberland PRO is heat resistance and can be worn anytime any day.

Durability (Score 10 out of 10)

There is no question on the durability of this boot. As said above too, this is lifetime boot. Here are some of the comments below to add some legitimacy to what we say.

Comfortability (Score 7 out of 10)

Pitboss hardcore fans might not agree with our score but to be honest these are heavy duty boots made to last longer but it is not a very comfortable boot. Starting with out of the box insoles, you might have to throw these away. These are the most basic insoles that won’t give you any cushion under the heels.  But underneath the insoles there is a hard plastic footbed which gives your foot an extra support. If you add your own orthotics to it you will get a nice supportive platform beneath your feet.

“shoes fit great ,don’t even feel the steel toe. squeeky soles can be a pain . i guess you can’t have everything.” Amazon review

“Good ankle support when laced to the top and are very comfortable after all day use, just need to change the inserts after they ware out.” Amazon review

“They are very comfortable and don’t seem to require any extensive breakin. I will likely add a beefier inner pad as the existing one is not very cushioning.” Amazon review


  • Highly durable.
  • Made with high-quality thick leather
  • Abrasive sole being slip and oil resistant.


  • Change the insoles to make them more comfortable

Conclusion: Pitboss could be a love of  your life. If you want to make a safe choice we would recommend to go with Timberland Pitboss.



What work boots do you wear and do you think of the above reviews? Please mention in the below comments and also add your suggestions. We would love to hear from you.

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