BUSTED! The top 5 myths about The Osbournes

We all know and love the Osbournes. Crazy Jack with his guitar or something, Ozzy from the drugs band, Sharon the reality tv show person and also the girl one. But there are so many myths surrounding them, today I’ll tackle the 5 most popular ones.

Happy Ozzying
Ozy ozboer

5. Ozzy once gave birth to a bat on stage.

This is an urban myth. Ozzy had a fake womb installed for this so technically it wasn’t him giving birth at all! Ozzy has not been able to carry a child since medical complications in 1994.

4. There was a secret fifth member of the Osbournes.

There was in fact a hidden member of the Osbournes who has never been shown on camera. Noone knows his name but we do know he has been banished to another plain for sealing Sharon in a Princess Diana Memorial Plate for nintey years. He was a wizard also.

3. The Osbournes do not own any pets.

Yeah, you might have guessed, they DO own pets. Jack is in fact a writhing colony of spiders which Kelly keeps around “for tax reasons”. Interestingly, all the dogs on the hit reality show ‘The Osbournes’ were either animatronic or computer graphics added in in post production.

2. Black Sabbath used to be called Black Friday.

Unfortunately for Ozzworth, the rights for the name Black Friday were owned by Rebecca Black. The band used to go by the name ‘Amazon Household Appliance Discounts’

1. Sharon saved the X Factor format.

Before Sharon joined the team, the X Factor used to go by the name ‘Simon Cowell’s Egg Fart Round Up’ and well, I think you can guess what THAT was about! (It was a dance competition.) The original show is still being filmed, although not broadcast anywhere.

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