How To Kiss A Girl

    Stand facing her face.   Do not tell her your intentions.   Do not ask permission to kiss her.   Look dreamily into her mouthparts.       Keep your left forepaw on the hilt of your scabbard.   This is a dangerous by-way, one never knows.   You may hold her right scallop peg in your right… read more
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The 6 Spiciest Phrases for Manufacturing an Personality on Twitter.com

Exploitation, destruction, and mockery of the meek is this summer’s fetchest meme in the Valley—Silicon Valley that is! But just because you’re reëvaluating everything you loved about yourself (and humanity) doesn’t mean you have to wind up an accessory¹! Curate and project a personality with an SPF² on your lips and these hot tips: 1. Opinions here are… read more
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4 Obsolete Websites And What’s Wrong About Them

1. MetaFilterMean Nickname: MetaFailterWhat’s Wrong About Them: Metafilter’s biggest problem is that it seems like a weblog that anyone can contribute a link or a comment to. Mistake number one. Real weblogs are just one person posting stuff. MetaFilter messes this up by extending the weblog beyond just one person. MetaFilter could improve 100% by closing off all the… read more