Politics Much?

EXCLUSIVE! @BennyJohnson’s 20 Most YOLO Moments

“Make love after war.”

Benny Johnson is the viral politics master of YOLO.

20. Like that time he got SUPER EXCITED about being a Young Republican…

19. …and sent the troops a LOT of beef jerky!

18. Everyone agrees – Benny is FABULOUS!!

Sorry tho, boys. Benny says NO HOMO #YOLO

I am not actually gay, even though the way I dress and talk may betray that fact ever so slightly, ha.
Solders in Iraq really do love beef jerky! I have the thank you letters to prove it… I also will be sending a [College Republicans] poster to every battalion with my email address asking for a thank you picture with our poster, those kind of pictures are priceless for good publicity! Just some Ideas.

17. When he made the Black Congressional Congress look like gangbangers (MIA is so YOLO!)…

16. …and made Obama look like Weezy (it’s raining YOLO!!)


14. When he gave his old boss Chuck Grassley free advertising (disclosure schmisclosure #YOLO)

13. Chick-fil-A? More like Chick-fill-Benny’s-belly!

12. Chicken is perfect for any occasion.

11. When Benny stood with JoePa

10. That time he called for an end to the Cuba embargo

9. YOLOing with Rick Santorum in the locker room

8. When he was still working out how to use Twitter

7. When he learned how to tweet LIKE A BOSS

6. That time a Glenn Beck rally was, like, WAY better than OWS

5. If only there was a pill that stops war

4. Yolo you won’t believe what I saw / I saw a bunch of tweets and they act real hard

3. When he interned with an anti-gay hate group

2. When Benny says No Homo HE MEANS IT