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FeedBuzz Ask Kids: Online Safety


5d4baf3dc889070a42270c7476248495As every parent knows: children are our future. Even if they are just kids now they will grow up. Because of this, we like to do an article called FeedBuzz Ask Kids. This week’s FeedBuzz Ask Kids topic is staying safe online. We spoke to six little futures-of-ours to find out what advice they could give us adults on staying safe on the net.


How Do You Stay Safe Online?



“Never give out your name or a picture of you to be safe from strangers.”



Allison Jarmilk, age 8
Madison, WI


“Don’t let anyone interview you online.”



Peter Elfworm, age 9
Hool, TN


What Are Unsafe Ways To Go Online?



“When you finish reading a page close the window before you see the comments section.”



Mitchell Blockholder, age 5
Oxwallop, TX


“If you use a public torrent tracker you’ll get caught by the police.”



Wilt Lemmus, age 10
Surrey, BC


How Do You Have Fun Online?



“I like to read the FeedBuzz Jr comics and games.”



Williamette Hando, age 6
Stables, NH


“You can look up cheat codes to the video games you play.”



Remington Barrel, age 11
Port Wimple, ME