Is hotdog a sandwich? A thinker’s reply

America is extremely big. No matter where you go it’s there you can smell it.

Never more so, than on this day, JUly the 4th, aka Hotdogs Day.

As a great thinker of the cyber realm whose opinions are relied upon by literally countless of the lost souls of social media, I feel it behooves me to weigh in on the ponderous debate, sparked by commentators at other sites, http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/jul/03/is-a-hot-dog-a-sandwich-nature-america etc: Is hotdog a true sandwich? For to ponder the question is to ponder the very nature of America itself.

First let’s bust a few myths. Dispel a few rumors.

1. Sandwich is not the invention of Earl Sandwich

Yes, of course the name of sandwich comes from the Earl, but if you think he invented this great meal you are a fool. What we now know as sandwich was invented in mediaeval Croatia and spread (no pun intended!!) after the kingdom fell to the Ottomans. Look it up. Just a little history lesson for the “bloggers” out there who shudder to cast a researching gaze beyond Wikipedia.

2. The essence of Sandwich is not in its name

To define Hotdog or not within the category “Sandwich” by attempting a thorough explication of what constitutes “Sandwich” is to proceed ass backwards if you will pardon the expression. Of course in asking the question what we really mean is does the hot dog have the quality “sandwichness”. We can no more approach the fundamental sandwichness-or-otherwise of hotdog by asking “Is hotdog a Sandwich?” than we can get a sensible answer to, e.g., “Is eel a fish?” or “Is nine inch nails a Band?”.

We have collectively fallen into the trap of language itself, the language of our thinking. If only we had heeded Korzybski’s call to replace our tired linguistic frame with E-Prime, banishing therefore the verb To Be in all its forms, and with it, the deadly seductive mindhole of Identification.

But i digress. Nothing is to be gained from poking and prodding the word “Sandwich” like a pinata laden with brightly wrapped nuggets of concrete meaning.

3. A hotdog, no, is NOT a sandwich

Take a look at the hotdog:

Now look at sandwich:

It’s not even the same shape.

4. On tacos

Mate if you even try to tell me something about taco is a sandwich i swear I’ll punch you