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Most Popular Halloween Costumes 2013 But It’s a Joke They’re Not Really Popular




Walter White In Black Face

Guy Teaching Another Guy How to Fish

Slutty Debt Ceiling

Slut-Shaming Debt Ceiling

Game of Thrones Dragon With “NO-bama” Sign and His Baby Dragon Kid Has One Too

Big-Titty Ted Cruz with Big-Ass Racist Titties Shooting Milk Everywhere 

Reggae Nurse

The 90s

Breitbart Coke Skeleton

Veggie Calzone on Dirtbike Wheels

Mark Hoppus

Fart Doctor 69ing Another Fart Doctor

School Girl In Loose, Comfortable Sweats Not Doing Anything Sexy Or Anything, Studying Probably

Construction Worker Instagramming a Cronut (3 Likes)

Rick Reilly In a Native American Headdress and He’s Gambling and Drinking Too Much But It’s Ironic

John Boehner Spiking a Volleyball Into Guy Fieri’s Face and Fieri Is Kind of Into It tbh

Mexican Miley Cyrus Doing Mexican Twerking Stuff

Cum Dumpster

A Boot Stomping On a Human Face Forever

Hillary Clinton Doing Benghazi In a Ronald Reagan Mask And Obama Is There Too


Bruce Willis Mask Inside of Another Bruce Willis Mask Inside of Another…Until the Last One is Bruce Willis’s Withered Skull But You Can Still Tell It’s Him Because His T-Shirt Says “Bruce Willis”

Walking Piece of Human Shit Who Should Die

Breakdancing Cop

Burn Victim George Clooney

Black Guy

Diarrhea Planet

White Privilege

Hitler But the Funny Hitler Mustache He’s Known For is a Dildo

Big Fucking Adult Baby Playing Dress Up Like a Child Ten Years After It’s Cute Anymore





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