12 Mean Tweets About Dogs That Deserve Public Scorn And Ridicule

WHEN WILL THEY LEARN?? Social Media is part of PUBLIC Internet & When you say somthing bad its gonna come back to BITE you!!! And one of the WRONGEST things ever is to be mean to dogs… Like these doofus on public Social Media web site Twitter. (Maybe they should call is.. ANTI Social Media!!!!)


Oh you hate dogs Jan?? And your just gonna come out and say it to the world? Wedlome to Feedbuzz mate.



You know what Brianna? YUOUR the one who suck’s. NOT dogs!!



Hey Levi.. if you love cat so much why dont you marry it! Haha



Idk if Justins trying to say. Dogs suck poop, or dogs suck because poop. Donmt YOU poop, justin? You know what they say…> People in glass houses shoul’dnt throw poop.



Gosh this tweet suck



Maybe Nick can spend more time in english class?? And not wrestleing or what ever. One things for sure – I wont be “starring” this Tweet.



This is highyl problematic



I guess Hornyvonhorny didnt get the memo – dogs dont have money. Check out Snopes dot com for more dumb anbimal myths, BUSTED.



i think this kid need to respect her Mom and spend time with her dang dogs



I hit that translate button and it said “This is one dog hateing dingus”. Case Closed



Wow dude. Edgy. You kiss you’re mom with that mouth? When you do I hope she smell the dog head on your breathe and put you in jail.,





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  1. Halifax Invader says:

    This is a terrible article. Fix your spelling errors. Who cares if some people don’t like dogs?

  2. fewafdsafasdf says:

    bad dog