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Rape teacher’s 30 day sentence sparks outrage

The Internet reacted with general outrage at news of a former Senior High teacher’s 30 day sentence for raping a 14 year old student. Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) took to Reddit and Twitter in droves, spitting white-hot digital fury.

“Stacey Rambold violated the letter, but not the spirit, of an outdated law that forces judges to convict upstanding men regardless of the facts,” wrote Reddit user lolidevourer88. “31 days… 30 after time served. That is a LONG time for a 54 year old gentleman who has already suffered so much at the hands of the matriarchy.”

In response to a “feminazi bitch troll” who questioned whether Rambold has suffered at all, Reddit user SLUTKiLLA echoed a sentiment expressed by Rambold’s attorney: “this is a man who lost everything. his job, his wife, he will be registered sex offencer now. you want to cut off his ball’s too? yeah like you want of for all men. fuck of”

Some commentators focused on Judge G. Todd Baugh’s sentencing remarks about the victim, Cherice Morales. Judge Baugh noted that Morales was “as much in control of the situation” as Rambold, and seemed “older than her chronological age.” Outspoken MRA supporter Richard Dawkins, never one to shy away from controversy, addressed these remarks from the perspective of evolutionary science:

Dawkins also drew attention to a petition for ‘Stacey’s Law’. Petitioners pour scorn on the suggestion that Rambold should be held responsible for Morales’ suicide, which in 2010 forced prosecutors to put his case on hold. ‘Stacey’s Law’ would make it a posthumous felony for “attention whores and drama queens” to kill themselves before the conclusion of a sex crime trial in which they are the accuser. Another petition calls for an expansion to popular ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws, allowing men accused of rape to kill their accuser if they have “serious reason” to believe that a prosecution would negatively affect their lives.

Not all men offered support for Rambold. Self-described male feminist Hugo Schwyzer expressed sympathy for the teen victim in a highly-rebloggable Tumblr post. Schwyzer spoke of the heartache he felt when one of his own students killed herself several years ago after suffering sexual abuse. However, the conversation soon turned against him when a commenter pointed out that Schwyzer himself was the abuser in this case. At the time of writing, Schwyzer was in the midst of a Twitter meltdown, threatening to “quit the internet” for the third time in 24 hours.

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