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10outof10The first thing I noticed as I put on my headphones and clicked play on my FULL LEAK OF DAFT PUNK’S NEW ALBUM RANDOM ACCESS MEMORIES, in 320 KBPS that I downloaded from MEDIAFIRE, was that the album I just downloaded was actually from a PRIVATE MUSIC TORRENT TRACKER called WHAT.CD. Surely this was a mistake, as I only download FULL LEAKED COPIES of NEW DAFT PUNK ALBUMS through DIRECT TO DOWNLOAD WEBSITES, IN THE .RAR FORMAT, such as MEDIAFIRE, MEGA, ZIPPYSHARE, SENDSPACE, UPLOADED.TO, or MULTIUPLOAD.

Ignoring this, however, the LEAKED DAFT PUNK ALBUM opens up with an amazing orchestral groove slowly descending into a 70s-esque dance-vibe. I was literally blown away. “I can’t believe THIS DAFT PUNK ALBUM, RANDOM ACCESS MEMORIES, THAT I DOWNLOADED FOR FREE, BECAUSE IT LEAKED, would eschew the bits and pieces of the albums before it, in favor of a more disco-like production.” As the LEAKED ALBUM, IN 320 KBPS, continued on however, this disco vibe slowly transformed into a sorta “old meets new” format, as DAFT PUNK, CREATORS OF NEW MUSIC ALBUM, RANDOM ACCESS MEMORIES (RAM), WHICH LEAKED tends to do. My favorite part in the album, however, was not GET LUCKY, FEATURING PHARRELL WILLIAMS AND NILE ROGERS, and not even DOIN IT RIGHT, BY DAFT PUNK, CREATORS OF RANDOM ACCESS MEMORIES, FEATURING PANDA BEAR, OF ANIMAL COLLECTIVE, WHICH HAS LEAKED, I CAN CONFIRM THAT IT HAS, IN FACT LEAKED, but actually CONTACT, BY DAFT PUNK, AND DJ FALCON, A LEAKED TRACK OFF OF RANDOM ACCESS MEMORIES, WHICH I SWEAR TO GOD HAS LEAKED, AND IS ON EVERY SINGLE DOWNLOAD SITE KNOWN TO MANKIND.


Contact is more than just disco-electro-fuckery like the rest of RAM, THE LEAKED ALBUM, but actually somehow creates an electronic version of a Beethoven symphony, with movements increasing and decreasing in speed and intensity. After listening to it, and realizing I’d (sadly) come to the end of RANDOM ACCESS MEMORIES FULL LEAK ON USENET AND VARIOUS OTHER FILESHARING WEBSITES, TORRENT, I cried. I almost sobbed that this, DAFT PUNK’S NEW ALBUM, OFFICIALLY LEAKED ONTO THE INTERNET TODAY, was over. I could never experience the LEAKED ALBUM again. This album is easily the most important thing to happen to electronic music and music in general in the past 20 years, and as a writer for FeedBuzz’ VA Club, I cannot recommend it enough. The only thing I can hope for, that will improve the album, is a remix album of DAFT PUNK’S LEAKED NEW MUSIC ALBUM, ON VINYL AND CD MAY 21, WHICH LEAKED ONTO THE INTERNET TODAY, featuring remixes by GANGNAM STYLE, IPAD, FREE XBOX LIVE POINTS, DAFT PUNK LEAK, LEAKED REAL, MEDIAFIRE, PANDA BEAR, GIORGIO, HARLEM SHAKE, ROBOT, DAFT PUNK, MEGAUPLOAD, KONY 2013.


I can’t give it (the leaked album*) anything less than a 10/10


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