Seven Ways to Tell If You’ve “Got Some Bee in You”

1. As a child, you were known for your respect for authority, your no-nonsense manner, and the thick coating of wet pollen upon your legs.

2. You referred to your parents as “glorious mother-leader” and “just another nameless slave.”

3. Your research paper topics included “Kill the Hornets,” “Hornets – It’s Them or Us,” and “Bzzzz Murder All Hornets Immediately.”

4. That time your mom wanted your dad to pull over and ask directions but he wouldn’t so you stabbed him with an ice scraper while chanting “fealty or death.”

5. Your “gorge the immobilized larvae” babysitting technique drew some skepticism from neighborhood parents.

6. You were pronounced “a nice kid, but cynical” after chanting “a drone’s role is to mate and die” on Take Our Daughters to Work Day.

7. Your college application consisted solely of the words “DIE DEFENDING THE HIVE,” leading you to be rejected by every school you applied to except Texas A & M.


North Carolina.

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