10 Things My Toddler Hates

  A while ago, I found this thing on the internet about all the things a toddler hates. It’s full of super cute stuff and it’s delightful.   But I had a hard time relating because the things my three-year-old hates has nothing to do with cute. In fact, his list is dead serious and sometimes quite ugly. And it’s… read more
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The 6 Spiciest Phrases for Manufacturing an Personality on Twitter.com

Exploitation, destruction, and mockery of the meek is this summer’s fetchest meme in the Valley—Silicon Valley that is! But just because you’re reëvaluating everything you loved about yourself (and humanity) doesn’t mean you have to wind up an accessory¹! Curate and project a personality with an SPF² on your lips and these hot tips: 1. Opinions here are… read more