How To Kiss A Girl

    Stand facing her face.   Do not tell her your intentions.   Do not ask permission to kiss her.   Look dreamily into her mouthparts.       Keep your left forepaw on the hilt of your scabbard.   This is a dangerous by-way, one never knows.   You may hold her right scallop peg in your right… read more
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Attempted Suicide of Teen Rape Victim Gives Anonymous Such Feels

INTERNET, USA – Infamous cyber vigilante group Anonymous took to social media Tuesday to share its reaction to news that the teen rape victim at the center of their latest mission had attempted suicide. “Wow. So anger. Such feels,” Anonymous posted, alongside a link to a blog article about the teen’s uncertain prognosis. The same phrase was also… read more
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Ten of the Twerkinest Moments In the US-Pakistan agreement on drones

By Jason “A Teacher in Miracles” Rhode (@iamthemaster) Like many Americans, I’m seriously concerned about our country’s use of unmanned aerial assault vehicles. While doubtless they increase our ability to prosecute the Global War on Terror, or GWOT, we should ask ourselves whether we’ve made killing too easy. Let’s face facts: at some point, the ease of button-pressing… read more