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4 Obsolete Websites And What’s Wrong About Them

1. MetaFilterMean Nickname: MetaFailterWhat’s Wrong About Them: Metafilter’s biggest problem is that it seems like a weblog that anyone can contribute a link or a comment to. Mistake number one. Real weblogs are just one person posting stuff. MetaFilter messes this up by extending the weblog beyond just one person. MetaFilter could improve 100% by closing off all the… read more

Fun Committee Ideas

Author’s note: this is an e-mail I sent to the ‘Fun Committee’ for my department at work. They come up with office events like ‘Sunglasses Day’ and ‘Dessert Potluck Day’. I wanted to contribute. Hello Fun Committee— I had some really fun ideas I wanted to share with you. I have a bookmark for a silly holiday… read more

3 Flimsy Excuses for this Miracle Whip Ad

1. People Don’t Like Mayo Lets face it: the people have spoken re: mayonnaise and the verdict is “not good”. Take a look at this dumb article, for instance. Mayo is yucko, so say we all. 2. Miracle Whip is different from mayo Miracle Whip ain’t mayo, kid. If you thought it was, you’re ignorant as hell. News… read more

8 FeedBuzz Drafts I’d Like To See Published

1. Review: Star Trek – Into Darkness by important_celeb Hey pal, I can’t hold off on movie night forever, here. I need that review and I need it online immediately. Movie critics and their reviews are so important to society. How else are people going to decide which movie they want to watch? Just guess? 2. FeedBuzz Exclusive:… read more
News Much?

Opinion: Microsoft Lync’s dog emoticon doesn’t mean dog anymore

Sentiment in the modern workplace is nearly universal on this point: inter-office memos are extinct, forgotten vestigial structures left over from the primitive foundations of current American corporate existence. Replacing the tedium of papers and envelopes is the new lifeblood of departmental communication: Microsoft Lync. This modern convenience has bred something less-than-savory in the workplace, however. Microsoft’s forward-thinking… read more