That One Time I Was Really, Really Excited About Desegregation

…until I realized everything I thought about Desegregation was totally wrong.

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When I first learned the Supreme Court was going to desegregate public schools I was all like


But then I found out that would mean poor black students would overrun my school, and I was all like

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I heard the Governor was going to shut down public schools so I could go to an all-white private school, and I was all like


Then some federal judge ruled that was “unconstitutional,” and I was all like

original (2)

So I managed to graduate high school and attend an all-white Christian college and be all like


But then the IRS revoked their tax-exempt status, forcing my college to desegregate, and I was all like


I thought I could just finish my degree then get an upper-management job in a professional office and be all like


But then they gave me job to a probably unqualified minority just because of affirmative action, and I was all like

At least I still could go home to my all-white suburban gated community and be all like


O wait nvm the federal government banned redlining, so I was all like


Just when things looked their bleakest and I was about to be all like

original (1)

… Ronald freaking Reagan was elected President


Reagan was all like


And he went “YOLO” and rolled back desegregation and civil rights all like


Making the country a better place for people like me.


Thank you, President Reagan. One day, I’ll join you up there in White Heaven.


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  1. jim_beam says:

    very gay and boring

  2. gangnam style says:


  3. imgay says:

    history is fucked up

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