The 5 Best Animated .gifs Online the Web

There are more than 1,000 animated .gifs online (World-Wide Web). With a number like that you get a lot of stinkers. But you also get some good ones and when you’re a cyber freak like me you get to know which ones are which. You practically have an obligation to help everyone else. Some of these .gifs are sports fails, some are regular fails. Some of these you might have seen before, some will be brand new to you. Some are short, some are long, but they all have one thing in common: they’re on this list. “Let’s jam!”

5. Guy doing a flip on a trampoline pantses himself and crashes into the garage door
You know it. You love it. It’s a classic that still feels fresh, so give it up for this .gif. As far as .gifs go, it doesn’t get much more basic than this. One of the two best .gifs featuring trampolines.

4. Mascot runs in and falls over
It’s a guy in uh, I think a dino costume or maybe a kangaroo. A kangaroo costume I mean! And he’s running in or maybe he’s skating in. I think he trips over something and there might even be a moment where he’s totally airborne. But anyway he lands flat on his face and stomach. It looks like it hurts. The tail sadly sags down if he has a tail. (I think he does). I think there might be a funny-looking kid in the background??

3. Dad sprays himself in the face with the hose and falls back
This poor dad. The whole time he’s been blocking the hose, standing on it and forcing it into a kink. It chokes and sputters, a wounded adder. His own fault, but the clumsy oaf soon elicits our sympathy. His predicament, as follows: he needs water or his garden will otherwise die. He stands there, oblivious, clutching his hose bereft of water. More the fool is he, the sky is clearly overcast. Mother Nature will surely provide her nourishment to these parched plants in due time. A glance into the hose nozzle, but why would you look there, dad? He does though, the buffoon. Face lowered, hose raised. Man and hose, they stare into each other. Both searching. In mere moments they would reach epiphany. A son, from a window above, calls out. We cannot hear him. We don’t even know if it’s about the hose. Dad grasps at understanding, but reacts foolhardily. He steps backward, off the hose. The full force of the water connects with his face. He staggers, looks about to drop to his knees– but trips instead. Rocks, man’s oldest foe. He lands hard. Hose flies out of his hand and, miraculously, manages to whip around and continue to soak him. Father is sore-assed and defeated. His son has no-one left to believe in. I think there is a dog in the background.

2. Foxes on a trampoline
A tentative bounce,
a possible rivalry,
a swift escape.

1. Under construction
Basically, this does it all. It’s got a message. It’s got colour. It has lively, jaunty movement that appeals to the eye. It’s comical, but not of the kind where you laugh once and forget it: it’s more subtle, and it stays with you. It’s functional and clean, and it’s the right length. The loop is seamless. A .gif this perfect, it doesn’t feel like merely some amusing moment caught on camera — it feels like it was carefully constructed. It gets everything right, and then some! When it comes to .gifs, this is numero uno, the best in the biz, The Creme de la The Creme.

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  1. Beetle Eater says:

    What about the one with the dog?

  2. plantation says:

    The dog gif is not canon

  3. chilldog says:

    basically, this list is fail. because you forgot the one with wolverine and the towel and the huge dick

  4. plantation says:

    I don’t think it’s the real Wolverine. It does not count because the real Wolverine would never do that.

  5. tubthumping says:

    1. what about the dancing baby, the best gif of all time.
    2. your haiku is missing a syllable, jerk

  6. plantation says:

    1. I have never heard of the dancing baby and I think babies are too young to dance
    2. There used to be an “and” in the last line but it was removed by vrunt for some reason, I am still in negotiations to have it restored
    3. You and the other 2 people commenting: please stop trolling me

  7. clastowka says:

    I searched for “Dad hose gif” and google asked me if I meant to search for “dead horse gif”.

  8. batding says:

    I think you forgot about the legendary “Dance Dance PANTS!” gif.