The 5 Best Stock Photos of Arab Children With Hamburgers

5. Arab girl enthusiastically holding hamburger and looking at camera

What a great shot. You can really tell how excited this girl is to be wrapping her hands around such a good looking hamburger. The look in her eyes says, “I’m totally ready for the rush of different food flavors that I’m about to experience. I’m a girl who loves a good hamburger, and this is maybe the best one yet.”

4. Arab boys longingly staring at hamburger

The sincerity of this photo is top notch. From what I can tell, the boy on the right has received the hamburger he ordered, but the waiter hasn’t yet brought the boy on the left’s food. The idea that it is impolite to eat your meal before everyone else at your table has been served is not just limited to European cultures. The boy on the left shows a greater level of excitement because he knows that when his burger arrives it will be slightly warmer and all the more delicious.

3. Arab boy with hamburger and thumbs up

We all know this feeling. You’ve got a big juicy burger all to yourself and you couldn’t be happier. It’s loaded up with all of your favorite toppings and condiments and it feels like you’ve been handed the key to Burger City. Sometimes it takes the innocence of a child to remind of us such pure feelings.

2. Arab boy disappointed with his burger

This boy ordered his burger, but he’s clearly not happy with it. Maybe he told the waitress, “no lettuce,” and she forgot and even went as far as to put lettuce on both sides of the sandwich. Perhaps he specifically asked for colby-jack but this request was not fulfilled. The look on his face suggests that he is helpless in this situation which leads us to believe that the restaurant he is at has very bad service and the hassle of returning the burger to get a new one made is just too much. Being let down at a restaurant is never a good experience.

1. Arab boy and girl shouting at hamburger

What’s so great about this image is that the viewer is really able to create his own story about what’s going on here. I’d like to think that the hamburger on the plate in this photo is actually the brother of these children; however, he has recently been turned into a hamburger by the dark magic of a genie or perhaps a warlock. “Brother!” the children shout out, “Can you hear us?!” Unfortunately he can not, because he has become a delicious hamburger. Alternatively, what’s going on here might be similar to the final scene of Air Bud. Both children are calling to the hamburger, and whichever child the hamburger chooses gets to eat it. The photo does not provide us with enough information to determine which child is the protagonist and which child is the mean clown.

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Michael is a college student. His interests include the Middle East and the 1997 film 'Air Bud'.


  1. Nowah says:

    How has no one pointed out that the child on the left in #4 appears to be the same child in #s 3 and 2? What a rollercoaster of emotions that young Arab boy appears to have gone through for a hamburger! LOL

  2. Eldon Hill says:

    The recurring boy is clearly the aforementioned brother of the two ethnic children in the final photo. His expression changes to dismay in #2 once the hamburger makes clear its intentions to absorb him. Of all of the siblings he was the most pious and would take the greatest insult from the irony and satire of being consumed by a burger (clear from the boy’s expression he identifies this correctly as a
    symbol of western excess).

  3. Elrond Hubbard says:

    In photo #1, I’m surprised nobody has mentioned that the Arab BOY and GIRL seem to be getting along just fine! Now this is weird because, IIRC, Arab culture makes sure that boys/men and girls/women do NOT get along, because Islam is oppressive on women. Perhaps the photo is expressing (metaphorically) that American influence (the cheeseburger!) is helping to spread sex equality to other countries! It’s an interesting picture, and I wonder what does anyone else think?

  4. Leto says:

    Not all Arabs are Muslims, and not all Muslims are misogynists. The first part of you’re comment doesn’t only miss the point, but it is based solely on stereotypes. As to the second half of your comment, I think that it is a commentary of the “MacDonaldization” of the world – as some have called it.
    Assuming those are Muslim children, the irony (which I hope is intentional) is in the fact that they don’t eat pork or beef. In this light it takes on a new critical stance on the homogenization of cultures under capital. I don’t think it has anything to do with sex equality beyond the very vague and general sense of both men and women being a valuable consumer base.

  5. mkyfrn says:

    I appreciate your views and I think your insight is AWESOME, but you’re wrong in thinking that Muslims cant eat beef. Yes, the beef that Muslims eat should be slaughtered in a special way, but McDonalds Arabia definitely makes sure its patties are up to par, as do other burger spots in the region.

  6. Sane atheist says:

    Clearly the burger is inflaming latent passions in the girl (who is after all about the same age as the Prophet’s fourth wife) and all this decadent consumption of junk food is no doubt causing earthquakes in Iran as we speak. Surely some bonkers cleric somewhere can find an obscure passage in the manual to ban women from eating burgers?

    Of course, the real issue here is that McDonalds’ obscene profits are built on the back of human exploitation and hideous animal suffering but no-one seems to care about that.