The 5 Good Types of Electricity to Know About


Wall hole electricity with suck out cord
1. Regular wall hole electricity – this is the number one kind of electricity. Don’t make a mistake: even though the holes of it looks like a nice face, these are not your friend holes. This stuff will blast your ass out. It lives in the basement, and cords suck it up to put in your house machines.


Sky cords
2. This looks like just some lines, but if you really know about electricity, you know this is electricity – sky cord style. They used to just have the cords on the ground, but a woman tripped and broke her ass off! In Cincinnati.


Battery - the Gentle Kind
3. Battery is the third kind of electricity. It’s known as “gentle electricity” but be careful – inside the box is some salty crud that will melt up your ass if you spill it or hit the hammer with a stone and squirt it, on your ass.


Don't get pissed at me God I never did nothing ha ha
4. Lightning… blakow! A lightning hits the Earth every day, at least. The Bible says lightning is God trying to kick the nuts of the Earth around and up into the Earth’s own Ass, but we know now that its actually hot strong electricity made from when clouds are fucking each other.


The truck is over on the left
5. Generator! This electricity is actually a box behind a truck


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