The 5 Most Athletic Rappers & The Songs That Explain Why

5) Young Jeezy – Ballin’


Jay “J it Up” Jenkins made an entire song about his silky release that will leave that “swish” sound in your head all day.  Being only 5’9” he’s a natural point guard in his chosen sport of basketball but the fact that he claims to be “ballin” makes him appear cocky and this attitude might lead to him being a ball hog which prevents him from being higher on this list.

4) Kanye West – The New Workout Plan


Kanye West loves hitting the gym and may be the strongest rapper-athlete on this list.  However, in sports strength isn’t anything, but at his choice position of left tackle he’s earned the nickname Kanye “The West Wall” by protecting the quarterback with his muscular build.  Kim Kardashian loves her newest athlete boyfriend who gets his pump on much more than Reggie Bush or Kris Humphries.

3) Jim Jones – We Fly High (Ballin’)


Jim “Jump Shot” Jones is only 5’11” but he clearly makes up for it with his vertical.  Although he is referencing that his team “flies high” its common knowledge that Jim can fly the highest.  On top of that he’s also got a smooth jump shot (hence the nickname jump shot) that we can put a little more faith in than Jeezy’s because he puts it in parenthesis which I assume means he doesn’t feel the need to brag about it as much because actions speak louder than words.

2) Ace Hood – Hustle Hard


The most important aspect of baseball is hustle and “Ace” Hood hustles very hard every 5th day when he hits the mound.  He’s known for his sweet curve and his above average hitting and baserunning as a pitcher.

1) Rick Ross – Everyday I’m Hustlin’


THE MOST ATHLETIC RAPPER IN THE GAME IS RICK ROSS.  He doesn’t just hustle hard, he hustles EVERYDAY.  He’s a player every manager would love to have, and with his ability to “clear off” the bases he’s been given the nickname “C.O.”.  It’s a lost art to put forth the amount of effort without recognition that this man does EVERYDAY, but here’s to you Ross.