The 5 Most Embarrassing Things The NSA Knows About Me

Looks like the NSA is super interested in finding out what dumb nerds like me are doing online in cyber space! Here are the top most embarrassing thing they found out about me already. I’m blushing

5. I “Like” a lot of really dumb bull crap on Facebook

Is this kind of “ironic” stuff meant to be funny?? Get real.

4. I have probably tweeted the words “Ed Balls” about a billion times this year alone. Ugh

3. My Facebook movie suggestions are spot on

2. Neal Rauhauser has been emailing me since 2010 and he won’t stop


1. My only favstar trophy ever was from Rob Delaney

more like orb delaney am i right hahha haha

methadonna used to conduct social media psyops campaigns for george soros. he is still waiting for his paycheck.