The 7 Most Epic Computer Flops Of All Time

Companies invest a lot of time and money into developing new compys, but for every big success like Windows Vista there’s a majorly epic fail like another thing. Here are some more of those aforementioned fails.

Ccheck out these dang fails.

freaking fail


This clunker weighed 69 tons, took up an entire skyscraper, and required two dozen full time women to operate all 17,420 of its vacuum tube microchip transistors. The price tag for this big piece of crap? An budget-busting $5.6 million. Oh yeah, and the webcam was sold separately. I’ll take two…. NOT!


Here we go again. After ENIAC went flopparoo, the designers just changed some of the letters in the name, hoping consumers wouldn’t notice the difference. The ones who didn’t notice got home to find their new paperweight had a memory size of 5.5 kb… not even enough to run Minesweeper. Oh man, remember Minesweeper? Remember SkiFree? Remember the Bigfoot that would chase you in SkiFree? REmember Rattler Race? Remember Rugrars

get this goddamn fail off myfreaking screen asdfahsdfuahbf HATE FAIL

3. Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine

Probably the most infamous epic tech fail of all time, this compy didn’t even get built. Before he could even make a prototype, designer Charles Babbage died… probably of all the nagging from his collaborator Ada Lovelace! but based on his designs it didn’t matter. his computer was stupid and you probably couldn’t even mine bitcoins on it

4. The gay ass Macbook that’s totally overpriced and only stupid hipster Steve Jobs fanboys who jizz all over every crApple product buy so they can write their dumb peotry in coffee shops and ride fixie bicycles and beg for attention

yeah right like i’m really going to shell out $3000 for an underpowered computer just because i like it’s “design” when i can easily purchase vastly superior parts on Newegg for a fraction of the price and put together a gaming ring with 2x the processing speed running the advanced Ubuntu operating system. not. I sure hope someone got fired for this boner

hey loise remember that fa FAIL FAIL FAILFAFlgiggty gittgiy

5. The Antikythera mechanism

This one was a real stinker. It weighed two tons, was made out of shitty bronze, and could only run one program: some stupid gears that told you the position of celestial bodies. Was it at least reliable? Let’s just say the last one was found on a freaking shipwreck. Doh. No wonder the Antikythera mechanism was on nobody’s Christmas list last year lmao

6. Betamax

nuff said

7. Quipu

murder my rod with this fail

damn remember when teacher would make you learn math on these hunks of junk? it’s like helllooo it’s isn’t the 17th century anymore we have abacuses. lol. damn it’s true. these things were soo ghetto. btw i mean “ghetto” like “poor,” not “ghetto” like “black.” i’m not a racist. as a white upper middle class 24-year-old who went to an elite northeastern college and could afford to hold unpaid internships at several publications before landing a job writing lists for feedbuzz, racial issues are important to me because i live in brooklyn and literally introduce myself as a “writer” at parties. epic win

8. wait nvm i only have to do 7 to get my check

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