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So, if any of you were following the news this week, you were probably like:

Some guy saying what

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Or maybe more like:

Some other person saying what

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Either way, you know that something went down

Aren't you glad i didn't make a cunnilingus joke here?

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So to start things off, we need to break it down like this guy

Man this guy is really breaking it down

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And start at the beginning

Moonwalking = going backwards or something

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Where things started to get a little hairy

Wow he looks shocked

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In order to provide some historical context, we must investigate all the possible causes of this event giving each the appropriate share of consideration. We must refrain from modern trends in journalism which overemphasize the partisanship of issues and attempt to appeal to a specific demographic through various types of logical fallacies. To do this would be to dump on the merits of journalism and journalistic integrity. In modern attempts to increase profits, the focus of journalism has deteriorated into pandering to specific demographics. However, it is necessary that we continue to use our popular web site responsibly, to deliver the information that is needed for a free society to function. We need to objectively report facts, and not isolate specific groups and pander to others, even if it does mean increasing profit margins, for we are

Obama and a Cat

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Well, that all led to

Just some teletubbies

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And eventually it became painfully obvious what was going on.

Jim is spooked

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Big Bubble

Source: I have no idea who this is

Even Selena Gomez, who’s new album Starz Dance will be out next week, agrees that it was a bad move.

This is Emma Watson

Source: Celebrity

People responded by:

Penn State Riots

Source: Dumbshits at my University did this shit

While some other people just


Source: Looks like a youtuber

But all in all, we know that this event was definitely important







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