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The Official “Which A Christmas Story Character Are You?” Quiz

You know this movie. Are you the boy? The dad? One of the others? This, the official five question quiz, is for you to find out!

This quiz is powered by special Konks Institute demographic scanning technology. Concentrate hard on your answers and by the time you’ve reached the bottom of the page, we’ll have already calculated your results!



  1. What do you like best about Christmas?

    1. I like to cook for my family.
    2. I like getting presents.
    3. I like the Wizard of Oz.

  2. Do you like Christmas turkey?

    1. I sneak some of the turkey early because I like it so much.
    2. I’m a Bumpus dog.
    3. I do the piggy eats thing from the film.

  3. Have you ever done swears at Christmas?

    1. No, I would wash the mouth with soap.
    2. I swear in the basement from furnace.
    3. I said the F dash dash word, haha.

  4. What do you want for Christmas?

    1. I want the rifle.
    2. Bowling ball that would be funny.
    3. A football, also from the movie.

  5. What’s your favorite scene from the thing?

    1. Shoot the robbers fantasy
    2. Ralph brings the fruit basket
    3. Mom pounding on the bathroom door



We’ve tallied up your score and here’s the results. You got:


The Tongue Pole

When the kid puts his tongue on the pole, thats who you are. The pole, not the kid.


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