The Six Most Abolutely Hot Serial Killers Ever Ever.

If there’s one thing any modern girl (or guy) loves more than watching perfectly sculpted actors and musicians parading around, often shirtless, with looks of aloof total bad-assery; it’s hunks with a dark side. FeedBuzz is going to bring you the top six (like six-six-six, like the devil because that’s edgy, or sex, because that makes you horny) of the most osgasmically evil hunks of all time to help you think about something other than the crippling pain and misfortune taking place outside of the mainstream anglophone media.


6. Pedro Alonso Lopez

“One eye on you, one eye on his escape. HNNG”

“The Monster of the Andes” is probably a monster in bed. He’s had a lot of practice, too; raping and killing an alleged 300 girls across South America (but with those looks, who wouldn’t want some of that). He was released from prison in 1998, but Interpol put out an advisory for his arrest in 2002 (but fuck the cops, you know?)


5. Charles Manson

“The embodiment of 60s love”

OF COURSE this counterculture god is going to be on FeedBuzz’s list. He brought together youths from beautiful San Francisco in order to bring about Helter Skelter, the totally awesome race war that he sought to bring about by depriving black men of the white women he conscripted to join his “family”. Knowing what happens when you piss off the blacks, Charlie was a true visionary; he spent most of his life prior in and out of jail seeking “the truth” or something that a sexy devil like he would seek.

After moving to the happening place of the 60s, San Francisco, Manson started to gain a following as a guru because acid can make you totally realize that Charlie was just like you and me, only smarter. Borrowing from the satan-worshipping Process Church and the alien-fearing Scientology that he studied, he eventually set up shop with him and his girls at the house of Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys (the band your Dad likes). When Wilson’s manager stopped digging Manson’s vibe, him and his family went out to Spahn’s Movie Ranch and eventually a place out in Death Valley where they got ready to bring on the apocalypse.

The aftermath of the days of terror in August 1969 would leave four family members convicted of all 27 charges leveled against them. Manson himself was found guilty of seven counts of first-degree murder but that’s bullshit because he didn’t kill anybody himself. He only brainwashed his devotees with hallucinogenic drugs and lots and lots of sex. Wouldn’t you kill for the best drugs and the best sex? Are you a terrorist?

What makes Manson so hunky is his vision, man. How else do you end up with such philosophical questions like the following?