The Top Wins and Fails of E3 2013

Choosing wins and fails isn’t something you just jump into higgledy piggledy. It is a process that takes time and great care. Every game, every piece of hardware, every casual joke told by an executive – only by examining each of these in detail will we truly understand the concepts of “win” and “fail.” With that in mind, here are the top wins and fails of E3 2013.


1. Sony

Wow, just wow. Need I say more? Big time win for the team behind the PS4… or should I say, the PS-more please! Epic win for this great gaming company.

2. Microsoft

I know, I know. Controversial choice. However, I think that Microsoft actually had a lot of win in their presentation – with some fail included, as we’ll touch on later. So yes – that’s a win for Team Bill Gates.

3. Nintendo

I keep saying it, but it’s about time these Japanese bad boys changed their company name to Wintendo! Mario, Link, Donkey Kong – these classic characters have been bringing the win for decades, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down!


1. Sony

I can sense your confusion. Wait just a minute – didn’t he list these guys in the win column? My friends, there are two sides to every coin. Google “the duality of man.” Sony was for the win, yes, but the fail followed close behind. Sorry fellas: that’s a fail.

2. Microsoft 

To paraphrase one of the great songsmiths of our time, “Every win has its fail.” The boys from Redmond were eager to show off the all-new Xbox One, but all they really showed off was a textbook case of the fails. Better luck next year, guys.

3. Nintendo

Hey guys, how about something new? Mario, Link, Donkey Kong – yawn much? Nintendo has once again forgotten the key to E3: you gotta be fresh and exciting! Nintendo wasn’t, and that’s what landed them firmly in the fail category.


As expected, E3 2013 was rife with wins and fails. Gamers are used to this: wins and fails are the lifeblood of the gaming industry. Only by pointing them out in the form of an easy-to-digest listicle will these multinational tech corporations begin to improve their product. That’s all for this year. Let’s hope that E3 2014 brings us more wins than fails – although maybe not, because then I’d be out of a job!


Any wins and fails I may have missed? List ‘em in the comments below!



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