Top 3 Fake FeedBuzz Webpages

I’ve been trying a long time to find this odd website and to post hilarious numbered listings of humorous findings of things in life. Try to think of this list as a funny way to laugh at something while you spend the rest of your day in a dark cavernous room that is as empty as your soul and as lifeless as your body after you hang yourself. Hope you don’t mess up and have to try again!

Finally, after much debate, here is the list of top 3 failures to find this webpage.

3. Yeah so okay maybe I just mixed up the letters and reversed the words or whatever, it’s a free country I’ll do what I want. I got mixed up and posted something like 300 posts about funny animal names and cryptic messages trying to get Hayden Panettiere to dress up like she did in Heroes for a Game of Thrones party my nerd friends were having at my house in a shed in my parents backyard.

2. Very funny website that leads you through a labyrinth of webpages that are in different languages and ask for your social security number and a myriad of other useless information. All these weird charges started popping up on my credit card and I can’t wait to use that surround sound system I must’ve accidentally bought in my sleep and when I discovered how to travel from New York to Florida without ever knowing.

1. Huffington Post: I gotta say this site is pretty funny, not as good as The Onion but their fake news stories are hilarious. Did you see the one about the guy who blew up some kind of event in Boston! Yeah right like anyone would spend that much time in Boston! There is a really good one about Obama and some kind of mix up with the IRS and I was all like “watch out Obama that guy is a WWF champion!”. I got paid pretty well when writing for them but they said I have to stop being so awesome because they want it to be a “legitimate” news source. Mega Lame.

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