Top 3 Famous People Who Are Currently Dead, But Weren’t A Decade Ago, Whose Last Names Are The Same Word As Things We Don’t Have Anymore

Sometimes, great people die. It’s sad, but it happens. Usually, though, the loss of a great person just means that person is gone. That really shouldn’t be a problem, right? If you’re a great person and you die, it just stands to reason that other great people will carry on your legacy.

Sure, in a perfect world, that’s exactly what would happen. It doesn’t, though. Instead, more often than not, when a person dies, the end result is that the thing that their last name is the same word as also disappears.

Here are three great people who should have never died, because soon after their deaths things that are the same word as these peoples’ last names also disappeared.


3. Johnny Cash

When Johnny Cash died, it would be understandable if people didn’t have the highest of expectations. After all, a lifetime of composing, singing and playing guitar were the only things on old Cashie’s to-do list. But there were signs that there were going to be unusually bad things happening to Cash, and I don’t mean the singer-songwriter.

Soon after Johnny Cash’s death, the cash (the real world fiat object, not the person Johnny Cash) almost literally disappeared overnight, rendering the economy obsolete! If only Johnny Cash hadn’t died, maybe we wouldn’t have lost all our cash, and when I say that I’m not referring to Johnny Cash the musician, but cash, as in the physical / fiat object used to sustain economies.


2. Bob Hope

Have you noticed things are bad, say, hopeless, today in America? Well, Bob Hope, America’s favorite entertainer, was known and beloved by all for his classic New Year’s Eve countdowns and the variety show he co-hosted with the Smother Brothers’ in the late 1960s. But ever since his death, he’s become associated with something else.

Indeed, now that things are so bleak in America, or hopeless, you could say that there is now no hope. And when I say that, I’m not referring to Bob Hope, the beloved public figure, but instead the notion and psychological idea of hope, which like the entertainer Bob Hope, could be said to not exist any longer.


1. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is one of those names you either know, or confuse with a Keanu Reeves movie about football, there’s not much middle ground. If you fall into the latter group, then you’ll be sad to know that not only is Steve Jobs the now-deceased former CEO of Apple, Inc., but also that the very concept of jobs is no longer feasible in this brutal economy.

See, when I was referring to jobs at the end of that last paragraph, I wasn’t only referring to Steve Jobs the person who I introduced in the back half of the above paragraph, but I was also referring to the idea of getting a job, which has become so difficult in modern-day America that one could now consider it to be literally impossible. This means that if I said that there are “no jobs”, it could not only be referring to the deceased businessman and entrepreneur Steve Jobs, but also the literal concept of getting a job.


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