Top 5 birds who have Major League Baseball teams named after them


icon_sportsEver since that Italian guy invented baseball people have been naming baseball teams after birds. Here are the 5 best ones.


5. Cardinalis cardinalis (St Louis Cardinals)



Bringing up the bottom is the Northern Cardinal. I used to live in this apartment and there was this tree outside my window filled with cardinals that won’t shut up. Jeepers creepers I’m trying to write sports articles in here, keep it down.


4. Cyanocitta cristata (Toronto Blue Jays)



I mowed lawns for the city one year and this guy I worked with told me this Blue Jay dive bombed him one day, so he shot one a few years later with a 22 proving Herman Melville wrong that you can’t take revenge against animals.


3. Icterus galbula (Baltimore Oriole)



My girlfriend’s Mom said she sees Orioles by her house, but I don’t know man, I’ve been there tons of times and I’ve never seen one.


2. Angelos (Los Angeles Angels)



Angels are kind of like birds that have to do whatever God says.


1. Makaira nigricans (Miami Marlins)



Sometimes blue marlins jump out of the water and their fins look like wings to me. Scientists probably say that the fish is the bird’s great ancestor. Let’s chalk this one up, I got bills to pay.

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