Top 5 Movies of 1948

With the summer movie season nearly upon us I thought it would be the perfect time to recall some of the greatest film moments from one of the best years in cinema, 1948. Most of these films are so ingrained into our subconscious through multiple parodies and references in such shows as The Simpsons and Home Improvement that even if you haven’t seen the movie you are more than likely to find the synopsis familiar. It was hard to put these in order, being as they are all classics, but I am very satisfied with the end result and do not think many will have a complaint about the order these are in. If you have not seen one of these I implore you to head down to your local Wal-Mart and pick up a copy on Blu-Ray, the latest format for watching movies at your home on the television.


5. The Street with No Name

Scary story of a street with no name. Is it even possible to give directions to it? The street next to it is No Name street to make matters even more difficult.

4. The Loves of Carmen

Carmen lists the things she loves. and she loves a LOT.

3. Yellow Sky

William A. Wellman’s sci fi tale of a group that inhabits a planets who’s atmosphere is made of piss.

2. Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House

In possibly the longest film in history, Ronald Blandings builds his dream house in real time. During the showing of the 335 hour film doors exiting the theater were locked from the outside to prevent escapes.

1. Last of the Wild Horses

This film is just as controversial as it is famous. Director Robert L. Lippert captures the last Wild Horses in America and puts a bullet in each one of their heads.

Hope you enjoyed reading this list as much as I did making it! Merry Christmas!