Top 5 Yoga poses for Yoga beginners to begin with


Okay boys, here it is, if you have been trying to get into Yoga you are in luck. Here are 5 easy poses that you can show off at dinner parties :))

1) Child’s Pose

This is a great pose for beginners to start with. In this pose you lie down on your yoga mat and start by sitting on your knees. This pose helps center your chacras and if you get this pose right you should feel a clean tug on your lower back region. The secret to a great child’s pose is to stretch all of your limbs to max capacity. Good luck 😛

2) Downward Facing Dog

this pose is a home screen pose, which means that you will come back to this pose often and many other non-beginner poses will begin with this dog. There is also a more advance pose which is hard but it basically is down ward facing dog but then you pull your heartstrings to your ears and essentialize the room so that your shoulders line up with the insides of your girdle bone. Many poses are based off this home screen pose-good luck!!

3) tadasana/padahastasana

This is a beginners pose which is great to begin doing after you start child’s pose. This pose is all about breathing properly so open your lungs, okay! This pose is a special pose that allows you to recenter your mind on yoga instead of on your business report 😛 this is actually two posses. In order to do them, you must first 1) stand like a pencil would and then bend down slowly to get to padahastasana.! This is a great pose and my personal favorites!! Good luck 🙂

4) Baby pose

This pose is just like child’s pose accept you have to be a baby or a baby boy ((:

4) Warrior Pose

this pose is very masculine and I don’t recommend that women do it because it is for men. In this pose you stand like tadasana, but there is a catch! In order to do this pose you have to begin by moving you’re legs apart. I like to explain this to my yogi beginners (: as like a greek statue. If you get this pose right you won’t fall over LOL! Try to act like you are throwing a spear at a hog and you will get the gist of this challenging yoga pose. Good luck little yoga beginners! P:

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