Top 6 Hidden Messages In Your Favorite Disney Movies

You’ve watched and rewatched these Disney animated classics a million times, but have you managed to catch these six R-rated slip-ups?

6. Lion King – “SEX” in the Clouds

A classic. Everyone’s heard of this one, whether it was from a friend in middle school, the internet, or from that one weird old uncle your mom always told you to stay away from. The letters are only visible for a brief moment, but one look at a freeze-frame and it’s almost too obvious. Who let this one fly? Rumor has it that it was meant to spell out “SFX,” as a tribute to Disney’s sound effects team, but the jury’s still out on this one!

5. Dumbo – Racist Crows

As a kid, you probably didn’t give a second thought to this little pack of birds – they were just too cool for school. Watch it again as an adult, though, and the Ebonics and blackface are almost too cringeworthy to watch. Some people give the stereotyping a pass, given that the writers were living in another era. And to be fair, the crows do play a positive role in the plot – helping to build Dumbo’s confidence and giving him the final push he needs to fly – but really, the foreboding, almost sinister “speaking in tongues” was just over the top. It’s no wonder there was such an uproar when Disney re-released this one in 2011.

4. The Hunchback of Notre Dame – Ritual Chanting

Most people don’t catch this the first time through, but next time you watch this classic, pay attention to the chorus singing in the background throughout the film. Hear that? Yeah – uh – that’s not Latin. It’s actually a reading of a forbidden Enochian text, originally written as a curse used to summon up spirits from the “lower realms.” Someone must have been having some fun in the sound booth! Good thing no one really caught on to the joke, or else Disney could’ve had a lot of angry parents on their hands. No official word from the creators about this one yet.

3. Hercules – Journey into the Underworld

This FeedBuzz blogger didn’t even notice this disturbing scene until just recently. Looking back, it’s hard to miss. Take a look at the movie’s climax, where Hercules ventures deep into the underworld to rescue his true love, Meg (Meg?? Which writer thought that name was a good idea?). Notice the eyes that almost seem to cover the screen? The hundreds of eyes, staring at you? And when Hercules nobly offers to sacrifice his life for the sake of his beloved, listen closely to the soundtrack – if you concentrate, you can hear the screams of the tormented, of the damned, flooding your senses, sending you trembling, tumbling, reeling into the dark, lost, confused, the heavy doorway to the void grinding shut behind you, enveloping you in a silent prison, divorcing you from all sense or reason, for what may as well be an eternity, until finally you hear a distant whine, your hearing slowly returning, growing into fanfare, the mist begins to clear, your eyes stare beyond your will as Hercules’ immortality is restored, and somehow you manage to grab hold onto that slippery crevasse of sanity once more, yet no illumination returns to fill your mind with peace, no, these cold stone walls remain, and the eyes… Uh, definitely NOT appropriate for kids. Nice one, Disney!

2. The Rescuers Down Under – The Woman in the Window

I listened to the text again, and I’m beginning to understand. They – the script writers, the composer, Walt Disney himself perhaps, I don’t know – they were no fools. I’ve transcribed as much as I could manage.

1. lorem ipsum

breath of ruby, from (below? beneath?) the earth. the three caged.


(…) in (milk-blood?). eclipsed above as below.


(…) sparks. our fathers in the desert (…)


(…) rise in the morning (…) rise to our (…)

-3. I can make no further sense of this.

My thoughts are becoming cloudy. My sight feels as if it is growing cold. I have outlived my usefulness. I can’t imagine I’ll be long now.

-4. I do not know what I have done.

Please do not follow me.

-5. I am sorry.

-6. I am sorry.





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