Top Five Modern Day Versions of The Pony Express

The Pony Express was an important and influential way to get mail and letters across the West in the Old Times. Brave men (and maybe there was like one woman or so?) rode their ponies, aka little horses, across the desert and tumbleweed. It was very dangerous, for example the Grand Canyon is over 3000 feet deep at its deepest part. Sometimes the mail would take over a week to deliver.

Nowadays we take for granted the brave sacrifice that the Pony Express made in our land. But looking around today, what are the top five versions of the Pony Express?

1. Texting

When we text, basically a lot of science happens. But you can imagine it as a tiny digital pony, known as a “radio signal” that goes from your phone to some other person’s phone that you text. While this radio signal may not have to cross the Grand Canyon, sometimes we are in a spot with bad service. What is the deal with that?

2. Writing Letters

Gone are the days of real ponies, but you can still walk down to your local post office and send a letter. I think people in the post office work from like 8am to 4pm, so its not like they are roughing it out on the trail. They will still appreciate it if you wear your ten gallon hat and spurs in there, though.

3. Petting Zoos

Petting Zoos keep the “pony” in “Pony Express”. Go to the petting zoo in your town and they might even let you ride for a small fee, if your weight is below a given range. They won’t let you deliver any letters, though. That’s still in the past!

4. Google

The Pony Express was famous for going in all directions, but mostly West. Today Google goes in every direction on our computers. You can search for things, watch videos, or even write email just like an authentic Pony Express cowboy. Yee haw.

5. The Rodeo/Harley Davidson (tie)

TWIST ENDING: We have a tie! Harley Davidsons go for miles and miles in the desert just like the Pony Express, but they are pretty noisy and make your car insurance rates go up. The Rodeo is brave and fast just like the Pony Express, but it is inside a fenced-in area and you could just walk your own letter to the other side without needing an entire Express.

So which one has the edge? Maybe it’s up to you to decide? (You can’t. It’s a tie.)