Top five witty things jame`s bond says after he kills a bad guy

5. James pushes a guy into a wood chipper, he dusts his hands and looks at the camera “BIRCH to see you” he whispers softly, licking his lips and winking at the viewer.

4. 007 smashes a guy unconscious with a bottle of vodka alcohol drink, the henchman crumbles to the floor and as james steps over him he mutters “i’ll drink to that” and walks towards the door before turning around and running back to the unconscious man to start lapping up all the spilled vodka off the floor.

3. in a home alone style paintcan on a string trap james bond swings a bottle of milk on string past a lackey’s head. it misses and he grins. James shouts “remember the milk” as the bottle fly’s into the back of the guys head “because it came back. the milk that is”

2. “im going to kill you by putting pokemon trading cards in your ass” yells james bond before killing a man by putting pokemon trading cards in his ass.

1. james opens the toilet cubicle door and shoots a gaurd who is relieving himself. “id like to ENGAGE you in conversation but i would have TOiLET you live and i cant POO that! dump.”

egg dog

an egg. an dog! both!
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