Top Ten Illuminati Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a fun-filled holiday enjoyed by millions filled with candy, parties, ghosts and ghouls, but few know of it’s darker purpose. For those familiar with the TRUTH, it is the highest holy day of human sacrifice in the illuminati calendar, an ancient harvest festival known as Samhain. It also provides a means for children of the illuminati to make themselves known to each other through carefully chosen costumes, while providing cover for reconnaissance and intelligence gathering through the clever ruse of collecting candy. Do not underestimate these luciferian shapeshifting reptoids. Do not give these energy-robbing parasites your candy. Below is a handy list of the most commonly used illuminati costumes to watch out for.

1. Pirate

The eye patch symbolizes the eye that Horus lost in the battle of Horus and Set. The Eye of Horus, or All Seeing Eye, is one of the most commonly used illuminati symbols and served a reminder that we are always being watched. None can escape the gaze of the illuminati! Don’t look too closely at this one.

2. Princess

This is a member of illuminati royalty. Her cone hat is also a popular illuminati symbol, the pyramid, symbolizing the command structure.

3. Lion

A popular luciferian and pagan icon, the lion symbolizes Babylon, destroyer of nations.

4. Witch

True servants of SATAN, their history dates back to the time of the Druids. Throughout the ages these practitioners of dark occult magic perform ritual blood sacrifice in exchange for power and beauty. Also note the pointed hat, which references the pyramid.

5. Black Cat

The black cat is a notorious shape-shifting trickster. It also serves as a familiar to the witch. Seeing one of these is considered bad luck for a reason.

6. Wizard

Similar to the witch, the wizard is also a practitioner of dark magic. While the wizard also dons the conical hat, the stars and crescent moon symbolize the horned god BAAL.

7. Skeleton

The death’s head. A symbol of death itself and of human sacrifice. This also establishes the wearer as a member of the elitist skull and bones society.

8. Vampire

The vampire symbolizes both the illuminati celebration of blood sacrifice and also the blood drinking ceremonies common amongst reptilians and reptilian hybrids. It is also symbolic of “energy stealing,” as reptoids are known to feed off the life force of humans.

9. Dinosaur

One would not expect so bold a move as a reptilian appearing in facsimile of it’s true form, and therein lies both its brilliance and arrogance, hiding in plain sight.

10. Devil

Lucifer himself, lord and master of the illuminati reptoids.