WHY and WHERE you should read Killing Stalking

Killing Stalking Is a manhwa created by artist Koogi, it’s a tale best described as psychological horror and in my honest opinion I think it’s the best out there. Full disclosure, it’s a manga full of cruelty. And by cruelty I mean it’s abusive, sadistic, gory and overall immoral. At first look it may give you the impression of a typical romance story of a boy meets girl. But no, its far from being that, but you could say it’s a story about a boy meets girl in a disturbing way.

I don’t want to give too much detail of what the story is all about but just to give you an idea it’s about a young boy who has a crush on a handsome guy at their school. Though what he thinks of his crush is far from what he really is. With that said I’d let you think of what kind of person that man is.


So here are 3 reasons why you should read it.


  1. Character Development


There is this certain distinction of what makes the characters interesting and the story good. To give you an idea of what the story is, it’s about an obsessive guy stalking the wrong person. What makes this manhwa standout from other manga’s or manhwa’ is that there is this weird development between the characters and everything about it is just disturbing. But it offers enough background on what makes these characters do such things and develop in such a state. It’s a story that will make you despise the characters but gives you enough understanding to develop a bit of empathy and tolerance for them. It has an ability to draw out a reader to keep on reading despite the kind of resentment you develop along the way.


  1. Artwork


For the visual aspect I’d say the artwork is excellent, close to realistic but still maintains its comic value. The use of contrast and color palette fits well in the theme and mood of the story. Overall the artwork gives you a dramatic and dark feeling of the story. Fits really well to the plot and theme of the story.


  1. Gives you an emotional roller coaster


So if your looking for stories that makes you think, wants to experience an emotional roller coaster ride and likes disturbing things then I’ll recommend this manhwa to you. Not because of its gory or disturbing content, but because of its ability to give a reader an idea of something to think about. Something that conflicts with the reader’s moral conscience and makes you ponders on what is really right. If these things sound good to you then this manhwa is definitely for you.


Where you should read Killing Stalking

If you want a fast paced type of read then I’d recommend kissmanga to you due to its reading feature where it loads the whole chapter in a single page.


But if you want to savor every page and go appreciate the details of the artworks then is best for you, it also zooms in some pages in the chapter where readers often missed a part. Most of the time it’s done with pages that contains lots of actions and dialogs. But considering the degree of its story and contents, I’d recommend Mangafox as the webpage to read it.



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  1. But to support the author, read it officially at lezhin, the site releases the first few chapters for free. Besides that really nice article

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