How to Widen Steel Toe Boots

man wearing steel toe boots

Steel toe boots are a popular option among those who need additional extra protection for their feet and those who are working at hazardous areas like construction sites. It’s important that you buy the best steel toe boots that are comfortable, durable and right for your job. These boots are also slow to break in, so it is a good idea to take several weeks to widen your steel toe boots before wearing them. This will help reduce the risk of rubbing of your bones and skin in the boots and blistering. Here are some tips on how to widen steel toe boots.

Wear the boots

Wear your Steel toe boots for one hour or so daily for several weeks before wearing them throughout the day to allow for the boot’s fibers to mold to the feet. This will also let you get used to the sensation of the steel toe at the tips of your boots. You can also wear thicker socks to allow the fibers in the boots to stretch slightly and to provide some cushion to your feet. To make sole of the boots more flexible, you can bend the body of the boots back and forth several times before wearing the shoes daily. You can also increase the period of time you wear the boots after a few weeks to 3 to 4 hours every day. Once your boots begin to feel comfortable, it’s probably safe to wear your boot during your adventures or work routines. Here are some more tips on making your steel toe boots more comfortable.

Use Shoe stretcher

You can use a shoe stretcher, a mechanical device that can stretch the boots to your desired length or width. It works for leather boots as well. If your boots have a steel toe, a special device is needed and it’s a steel toed stretcher. Using this device, you can stretch the portion of your toe breadth-wise or length-wise. Insert the device into the boots first in the way you’d like to stretch the boots. Once the stretcher is inserted, you need to set the size up to your preferred size. Turn the lever in order for the stretching to occur. The steel isn’t very to expand, so it will take some effort. After stretching the boots, you have to keep them that way for 1 to 2 days.